4 Reasons Why you Might Need a Property Lawyer

There are many types of lawyers, with criminal, commercial, corporate, family and property, being just a few of the special branches of law that solicitors specialise in. While most of us know why a person would require a criminal lawyer, but a property solicitor, on the other hand, projects a less clear image to the average member of the public, and if you are uncertain as to what a property lawyer actually does, here are just a few situations when you would require such a service.

  1. Buy to Rent – This relatively new business requires a property lawyer, as the landlord must engage into a legal rental agreement with the tenant, and this can be quite a complicated process. For the landlord, a property lawyer can represent them in court, should a tenant ever instigate legal proceedings, and if the owner wanted to evict a tenant, the property lawyer would handle this. A tenant might not agree with your damage assessment at the end of the lease, and the landlord wishes to retain a portion of the deposit, and in this case, both tenant and landlord would need to seek out a property lawyer.

  1. Unsatisfied Tenant – Some landlords are far from generous when it comes to their tenants, and if a person feels they are not being treated fairly by their landlord, they can take legal action. It is often the case that both parties cannot agree about the current condition of the property, and therefore the figure that must be deducted from the deposit, and this can lead to the tenant seeking out a property lawyer to examine their legal options. If you are in this position and living in the Home Counties, there are affordable property lawyers in London who can advise you on any aspect of your rental agreement.

  1. Buying or Selling – If you are going to sell your home, you will require a property lawyer who will take care of the legal side and also liaise with the buyer and ensure a smooth transition. The lawyer would ensure that any property their client was going to purchase, would be in sound condition and not at any disadvantage.

  1. Challenging Homeless Decisions – Sometimes a homeless person feels they have been mistreated by a local authority, and they can hire a property lawyer to represent them in a court of law. There are legal aid options for such a case, and in some circumstances, the lawyer might be prepared to take the case on a no win- no fee” basis.

Property lawyers are always in demand, and with most cases, it is possible to reach an out of court settlement, largely due to the negotiating skills of the lawyers, and this saves everyone money and the courts are left to deal with more complex issues. There are online property lawyers who can assist you in many ways, and a simple search should point you in the right direction.

The Many Benefits of Stainless Balustrade Fittings

The balustrades installed on your terrace or balcony need to be pretty solid and durable. They are going to be constantly exposed to harmful atmospheric elements, so it’s important that you make the right decision about which material to go with. As you can imagine, the type of balustrades that you choose for your place also has a huge impact on the curb appeal of your place. For instance, the main reason why so many people choose glass balustrades is just because they create a very elegant look.

However, if you are looking for a simple, affordable solution, stainless balustrade fittings are a very good choice. They offer a variety of benefits that justify their price, and they’re selected for use in almost every home nowadays. Here are just some of the many benefits that these balustrades offer.

Easy to Maintain

You don’t have to worry about spending a great deal of money each year just to keep the balustrade fittings looking good. Compared to other options available right now, these fittings are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is to purchase a simple lubricant and metal polisher and apply it on the balustrade fittings at least once a year to keep them looking as good as new. It’s a good option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in maintaining their place.

Easy to Match

Matching the balustrade fittings to the décor of your place is a huge dilemma faced by many people. There are some designs and shades that go well together, while others are a complete mismatch. Stainless steel balustrade fittings are very easy to match with almost any kind of décor, however, simply because they are available in a variety of uniform colours. You won’t need to worry about spending a lot of time in just searching for the right shade.


Stainless steel is one of the most durable and resilient materials available on the market right now, so if you are thinking of a long-term option, you certainly can’t go wrong with this! If durability and resilience are your primary concern, stainless steel fittings are an excellent choice.

A Luxury Touch

Want to give your place a sense of elegance and style? Putting up stainless steel balustrades is a fantastic way to improve the curb appeal of your house and make it look much more stylish. Obviously, if you are thinking of selling your house in the future, the luxury touch offered by these balustrade fittings will definitely lead to an increase in price.

Environmentally Friendly

It might surprise you to learn that stainless steel is actually one of the most environmentally friendly materials in use today. It can be recycled quite easily, thus minimising the carbon footprint on the planet caused by its production. If you want to play your role in saving the environment and minimising the impact of global warming, installing these fittings should be a priority.

Do You Want to Refurbish Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the house. If you invite people over, you will often gather in the kitchen. In addition to the bathroom, it is the room that almost always has visitors. However, it also faces some of the most abuse; the temperature in your kitchen can swing wildly depending on the time of year and what you are cooking. The humidity in your kitchen rises and changes as well. Cooking, spilling water, and other food-related incidents put your kitchen under great strain.

That’s why it’s so important to have a great kitchen that is designed to your liking and also serves your purposes. So here are some considerations for a kitchen refurbishment.

Marble, Granite, and Stone

If you are looking for a durable material for your kitchen counters or islands, a stone is a great choice. Marble, granite, and other types of stone are incredibly resilient materials. They do not scratch easily, do not react to most kitchen substances, and do not degrade very readily. For example, the acid in orange juice or tomato sauce will not readily degrade the quality of your granite countertops. Granite and marble are very popular for property refurbishment in London.

You should be aware that they can be quite expensive, and need to be supported. The counter needs to be reinforced to hold the weight of the stone and to support the stone since it can crack. If your marble countertop hangs over the counter more than a few centimetres, you’ll need very thick marble, or you’ll need to reinforce the overhanging section. You should consult a professional about how marble, granite, or stone could work in your kitchen.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has grown in popularity as many people turn to it during the kitchen refurbishments. Stainless steel has been used for appliances, countertops, trash cans, and even cabinets. The reason for it is simple; stainless steel is resilient, attractive, and easy to clean. It is naturally waterproof and nonporous. It will not absorb spilled liquids or juices. It will also not hold bacteria in its pores.

For most spills on stainless steel, you can just wipe it up with a damp rag. It also resists scratching or cracking. You should be aware that stainless steel requires cutting boards. You should not cut food directly on a stainless steel counter since it will dull your knives.


Though many materials have grown very popular, timber still remains one of the most used building materials. The reason for using wood is usually the price and its versatility, plus certain kinds of wood just look great. Wood can project a warm and classic feel to a kitchen. You should seriously consider using wood in your kitchen remodel. It will give you a timeless feel, and many options in the future. Unlike steel or stone, you can paint wood to make your kitchen look brand new.

These are only a few of the material options you’ll have if you hire professionals to remodel your kitchen. You should work with such experts to make your vision a reality.

Why Should You But A Flat When You Are Getting Older?

Moving when you reach your old age is something that is inevitable for a lot of people. There are lots of different reasons why you might think about moving out and into somewhere smaller.

You might worry that your new flat is going to lack the character of your previous property. However, you do not need to worry because you can have every aspect of the new flat built to your exact specifications by a granny flats builder in Perth. Then you will move in with a sense that you are in a place that you have known for a long time. When you have this pleasant feeling, moving from your old house will not be so much of a shock as it could potentially be.

There are several reasons why you should by a flat as you are getting older. What are these reasons?

A Flat Can Be Easier To Get In And Out Of

When you are living in a ground floor flat, you might find it much easier to get into your home. In your previous home, you could have had to deal with steep steps that lead up to your front door. These steps can be more difficult to climb the older that you get. You might be having some problems with your knees or with your back. When you live in a ground-floor flat, this is not a problem that you will have to think about at all.

A Flat Will Give You An Excuse To Clear Out Your Possessions

When you are living in a large house, you often buy items and put them into storage once they are n longer useful. This can create a problem when you are trying to move because there will be a lot of boxes filled with useless items. Instead of transporting everything to the new flat, you will have to make a decision about the items that you can afford to throw away or give to someone else. You will then move into your new apartment and you will not have to worry that there is limited space.

Living in a cluttered flat is not ideal if you are elderly because you might accidentally trip and fall over the items which have been stacked up in the spare room or in the hallway.

A Flat Will Make It Easier To Find Things That You Have Lost

As people get older, their memories can start to fade. This is a natural part of the ageing process and you may begin to forget where you have placed certain items. This could be your favourite sweater or it could be a pair of reading glasses which you forgot to bring with you from upstairs.

Living in a flat means that there are fewer places for items to become lost than if you lived in a three story house. You will be able to search the flat from top to bottom.

Choose to live in a flat when you get older.

How to Assess Any Real Estate With the Approaches to Value

The valuation steps applied to create a supported conclusion of a defined value based on an analysis of applicable general and specific data. Assessment in creating an opinion of real estate value follows specific sets of processes that reflect 3 different methods. These include:

– Cost Method
– Direct Comparison Method
– Income Approach Method

One or more of these methods can be used in the assessment of real estate valuation. The methods to be used will rely almost entirely on the type of property being assessed or appraised; however may also factor in the use of the appraisal, the scope of work involved, and the data availability for the analysis.

Cost Method

The cost approach to assessment and appraisal is established by understanding the construction methodologies and property attributes related to cost. The cost approach is estimated by adding the cost of land to the current cost of construction related to all improvement on land, and subtracting depreciation in all improvements on the land. The construction costs of buildings would include a reproduction cost or a replacement cost of the same or similar like materials or systems. This approach works best when it used for the assessment of new or newer properties that are not frequently exchanged in the market. The actual costs are usually derived from cost estimator software, cost manuals, builders, and contractors. Note: The land would remain a separate value when using the cost approach.

Direct Comparison Approach

The direct comparison method to assessment of real estate is most useful when there is a large number of similar like properties that have recently transacted on the market or are currently listed on the market. Using this method, the assessment would come from identifying the subject with similar properties, called comparables (or comps). The sale prices that most identify with the subject would have a heavier weight on the value, oppose to one that is further from the subject characteristics. Most of the time the comparables would create a range of value, upon which; opinion must be used to find an exact value. Several elements or factors are used to qualify the degree of similarity between comparables and the subject. This would include: real property rights, financial terms, property conditions of the sale, post sale expenditures, location, market factors, physical characteristics, economic characteristics, use/zoning, non-real estate components of sale (chattels, fixtures). After the best comparables are set, a dollar figure or percentage is applied to the sale price of each property to estimate the hypothetical value of the subject. For instance comparable A has 1 more bathroom than the subject; therefore subtract $9000 from the comparable to hypothetically get the sale to reflect the same characteristic as the subject.

Income Approach

The income method to the assessment of real estate would be from an analysis of present value of the future benefits of property ownership. A property’s income and resale worth upon return may be capitalized into a current, lump-sum amount. There are two methods of the income approach; one is direct capitalization and the other yield capitalization. Direct capitalization is the relation between one year’s income and worth indicated by either a capitalization rate or an income multiplier. Yield capitalization is the relationship between several years of stabilized income and worth at the end of a specified period reflected in a yield rate. The most commonly used yield capitalization method would be the discounted cash flow analysis.

Homes of the Future: Luxury Real Estate’s Technology Boom

These days it seems as though technology advances at the speed of light. Blink twice and the next breakthrough is available. It’s not just about phones or computers-cutting edge technology is now available in every field to make life easier. Nowhere is this more evident than in the luxury real estate market. Innovations can be found in every room of the house. From state-of-the-art security systems to tech-laden bathtubs, the high-tech home is the new dream home.

The smart home is arguably the most influential development in home technology. The idea of controlling various systems (such as lighting and heating) remotely has been around a few years now, but more products are now available that integrate into the connected home network. Home security systems, door locks, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can keep you safe, while programmable thermostats, window shades, and beds keep you comfortable. There are also products to keep you entertained, such as TVs, sound systems, and lighting. Refrigerators, ovens, and crock-pots are all operable with a push of a button. Imagine riding home from work in your self-driven car, making sure your lights are on, the kitchen is a comfortable 73 degrees, and your dinner is ready the minute you step in the door.

Some homes are outfitted with technology down to the studs. With smart glass, your windows can darken themselves or turn into a movie screen. Other options include solar-thermal cladding to reduce heat loss, self-healing concrete so your driveway never gets a crack, and anti-bacterial tiles to keep your bathroom squeaky clean. Even building materials themselves are advancing with the digital age. Homeowners want it all when it comes to technology, and contractors and builders can provide it for them.

Smart homes are climbing to the top of “must have” lists around the country, and many sellers are ready to deliver. In fact, in a survey of more than 500 luxury real estate agents, 60% said they are seeing more smart home features in listing descriptions than two to five years ago, with agents also noting these features help sell homes faster. High end now means high tech-an oven ought not be just stainless steel; it must also let you adjust the temperature from across town with your tablet. There’s no better, or more desirable way to deliver the comfort and extravagance of luxury real estate to buyers than with smart, up-to-the-minute technology.

Make a Fortune With Real Estate

Property consisting of land and the buildings, as well as with its natural resources such as minerals or water, crops, immovable assets of this nature and buildings or housing in general. The business of Real Estate is the profession of buying, selling, buildings or housing and renting land. Before going ahead, some important factors about estate should be kept in mind to do your job well.

Types of Real Estate

• Residential:

Containing either a single family or joint family, that is available for non-business purposes. There may be different types of housing tenure also, and the size of an apartment or house can be described in meters or square feet. But the area of “living space,” excluding the garage and other non-living spaces may differ in some countries.

• Real Estate Investment

This Investment is the thing that generates income or is otherwise intended for investment purposes. Investors own multiple pieces of real estate, which serves as a primary residence.

• Commercial:

It is a property that is used the design for business solely. For instance, commercial estate includes restaurants, offices, parks, malls, gas stations and convenience stores

• Industrial:

The property that is used for industrial work. But it covers a vast range of business types and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Industrial Real Estate includes single or double-storey buildings. Small industries have flexible interior space. Large industries include medium to large warehouses and factories that are designed to store goods or manufacture.

Fortunate Real estate agents, need to be familiar with their locality, reasons to increase or decrease property prices. For instance, if a new airport or road is to be built this can increase the price of nearby houses. Equally, improvement of an area can enhance prices. The agent must be aware of recent sale prices or rental for comparable properties of the area.

To become estate agents or professionals, dealing with all residential, agricultural and commercial property. They should adhere to a code of conduct, which includes regulations about looking after their clients’ money.

If the deal complete, then estate agent may charge anything from 1% to 2%, and this is calculated on the sale price of the property.

Making an online fortune as Real estate agents or agencies working most notably online, normally offer a choice of fees, most of which are paid in advance. The range of prices is from $300 to $800, which is payable in advance. Many online estate agents offer their service up front but they deferred the way of payment, it means there is nothing to pay in advance, but after a period a fee will become payable.

Real Estate Fraud

This is an activity that is purposely done to misrepresent information on real estate documents. It also involves the money transfers. It is also called mortgage fraud. The reason that it is referred to as this is that the fraud generally takes place with the mortgage application. Real estate fraud, in the United States, can have heavy penalties like imprisonment and large fines.

Such a crime can be committed in many different ways. It appears to happen more often when property prices are on the rise. Because of the simplicity of the fraud, some types are seen more than other frauds. Some are not as common because they are more complicated. One of the common forms of such fraud, according to the IRS is preparing two settlement statement sets that are different from each other. In one of the statements, the accurate property-selling price is written, which the buyer receives. The other one will depict a higher selling price that is exaggerated. When the mortgage lender approves the loan for the exaggerated price, the seller is given the amount that is stated in their copy of the settlement statement. The one who committed the fraudulent settlement statements will keep the money that is left over. If there are other conspirators, the money will be divided among them. It could be the entire excess money or a percentage of it.

Using qualification that are fraudulent is another type of real estate fraud. These fraudulent qualifications are used when applying for a mortgage or home loan to help them get the mortgage. In this form of real estate fraud, the real estate agent will usually assist the buyer. The fraudulent qualifications can include fabricating credit reports or history of employment. These two involve the obvious misrepresentation of data but not all real estate fraud is easy to see as these two examples. If buyers who do not intend to commit real estate fraud because they do not know the laws can accidentally commit mortgage fraud.

If a buyer has a down payment by using money that was given as a gift it is legal. If this gift is re-paid to the who gave the gift, this is considered a case of real estate fraud. The gift used to make a down payment cannot be repaid for it to be legal. Another type of property fraud is when the buyer accidentally fails to disclose any financial liabilities on their mortgage application. It becomes fraud when it is not taken care of before the loan is approved. Property flipping can become real estate fraud if you make false representations about the value and condition of the property when you sell it for a much higher price than you paid for the property.

4 Things That Will Help Fetch the Right Resale Value for Your Property

So, you have decided to part with your home. Wondering how to get the best deal that will justify holding it is an investment property until now. Before you put up a notice for sale, or start passing the news to your near and dear, consider the fact that the reality market is some parts of the country has been sluggish.

Hence, it is worthwhile to put in a little bit of effort that will make your property look a lot more attractive to potential buyers. Here are some expert tips that will help enhance the resale value of your home by tens of thousands if not few lakhs.

Pep up the exteriors

As soon as a home is bought, homeowners spend time, money and energy in designing the interiors to their whims and fancy. What they miss to see is that, the exteriors play a major role in creating an impression in the minds of a potential buyer than the interior. It is the exterior that is first seen before they take a walkthrough of the interiors. Hence, pay attention to pepping up your exteriors in equal measure to the interiors to get a better resale value.

Creating additional space

An extra room is fine, but what if it serves no purpose? Moreover, what if that extra room does not fit into the ergonomic layout of the home properly? Instead, think of ways to increase the space inside the home. There are plenty of architect firms with interior designers and vasthu consultants who help altering the physical dimensions of any home to make it appear spacious and airy. A spacious home will fetch a higher resale price than one which boasts about a tiny and ill-fitting extra room.

Setting right minor repairs

Like drops of water that collect together to form a messy puddle, a number of unattended minor repairs can wash away a significant portion of your property’s resale value. A prospective buyer will be more interested in knowing the present physical condition and the expected longevity of the house before making a final decision.

The scene of leaking walls, falling patches and plumbing problems can definitely take a hit on the property’s sale worthiness. Hence, make sure all minor repairs are attended to on a regular basis.

Keep a cushion for price negotiation

Indians are ruthless negotiators. We love to bargain for the best deal in every transaction. Especially when it is about buying a new home expect the negotiation process to be fiercer than what you can imagine. Hence, make sure you price your property with some cushion for reduction during the negotiation process.

You might want to take into consideration the existing market rate of similar properties and how the deals have ended before fixing the price or agreeing to the price offered by the buyer.

The resale value for a property is highly dependent on various factors. Location, floor space, number of rooms and furnishings all play a major role in determining the resale price. However, other factors like well-maintained exteriors, perfectly functioning plumbing and sanitation, additional space for storage, etc. can help further increase the resale value to a higher denomination.