3 Aspects to Consider When Installing Secondary Double Glazing

If your house is draughty, there’s nothing worse than losing that valuable heat through gaps in your windows, and rather than going to the considerable expense of replacing the windows, you can have secondary glazing installed behind the existing windows, which gives you great thermal insulation for an affordable price.

Online Search

Whether you are looking for secondary double glazing in Barnsley or Birmingham, an online search will soon locate nearby suppliers, and with a list of websites, you can begin your quest to find the best deal.

Important Aspects to Consider

  1. When adding secondary glazing to your home, you want to be able to open all of the windows, should you wish, so make sure the design is such that you can still have full access to all window openings.
  2. Fittings – The secondary glazing can be fitted directly behind your existing windows, or they can be installed further away from your existing windows.
  3. Design – You might prefer sliding secondary units, or prefer to have the traditional side openings, although this makes opening the units a little difficult. Typically, the frames are made from extruded aluminium, and with a choice of colours, your secondary glazing units will match the interior design of the room.

If you search using an online business directory, you will soon be in touch with a local company that offers a comprehensive service. Once you have made contact, the supplier would be happy to pay you a home visit, where you could discuss the many options, and, of course, he will leave you with a quote.

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