3 Reasons to Have a Plumbing Inspection Done Before Buying a New Home

Every new homeowner dreams to move into a place that is flawless and has a history of being able to withstand the worst of conditions. That especially goes for plumbing, as it can be a nightmare to enjoy your new home for a couple of months only to then find that your sink no longer works or the basement has flooded.

That’s where plumbing inspections come in handy, as having one done before you take the house keys will ensure you made the right choice. Here are three reasons to have a plumbing inspection done before buying a new home.

Cutting loose ends

The seller may have told you that they inspected all of the spots in the house that need to run perfectly, and they may believe that they checked over everything. However, they could have made a slight error and missed a malfunctioning water heater or toilet in the downstairs bathroom. The pipes may not have been replaced when they were supposed to and caused the water in both the kitchen and the bathrooms to discolor. The inspectors may have also skipped over the drain, which could lead to plenty of clogging in the future.

Because of these possibilities, you’ll need to request another inspection to go over any parts of the house that could cause a plumbing problem. Some areas may be more difficult to check because of the lack of space, so be sure that the inspectors are using tools such as a Aries camera to get a view of any spots that may be leaking or cracked. If you need to have more than one inspection in order to reach such spots, then you shouldn’t count that option out, even if it means moving into your new home later than you planned.

Saving money

We all try to save money in any way we can, and one way we can do so is by making sure that whatever we own is working when we first buy it. Having to fix plumbing problems that were not properly addressed before you move in, such as a lack of water pressure or stability with your sink’s location, can cost you a great deal. This can be a huge issue if you’re trying to save money for other situations such as buying a new car or going on vacation with friends and family. You may also notice such issues early on and feel tempted to fix them at a later time because they may not seem like such a big deal at the moment.

Plumbing inspections may take a while and seem like a hassle, depending on how many issues there are and how severe they are at the moment. However, addressing them right away will not only keep you from having to pay hefty bills in the future, but also limit the money you spend at the moment to a small amount or even possibly nothing at all if you happen to know a reliable inspector. The repairs may even put the house in better condition than it’s ever been, which will provide a more comfortable living experience for you, as well as earn you a great deal if you end up selling it in the future.

Finding the right home

Those who are currently searching for a new home want to find the right place as soon as possible. A long search through a variety of homes that don’t live up to your standards may reduce your hopes for moving into a comfortable place. However, requesting plumbing inspections will make it easier to find your perfect home by showing how easily problems can be fixed and if they will be an issue in the future.

The problems that you come across, if there end up being any, may be able to get fixed within a matter of hours, and if you hire the right people, they may never need to be fixed again. If you deem the issues too big, it just means that it’s not the right home for you and that the best option could be right around the corner. However, the inspection could reveal that the house you’re interested in is not only in even better condition than before you made the request, but in better shape than what you were looking for in your dream house.

Keep these benefits of plumbing inspections in mind so that you move into your perfect home.

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