A Complete Real Estate Investment Guide For New Investors

Investments in property are considered to be a bit more complex when compared to bonds and equities. These Investments can also act as a hedge or security against the losses that you may face in other investment areas including stocks. As a beginner, you need to understand your options towards investing in the real estate.

 Investment in basic rental holding and property

The investor here is the landlord of the property who owns it and rent it out to somebody else. While the tenant pays the rent it is the landlord who pays the taxes, mortgage, and property maintenance. Once the mortgage is paid completely, all the rent turns into profit. Hence, as an investor, you should not charge excessively initially and have patience.

If you want to have a monthly income from the property you buy and rent subsequently, you should keep in mind the rental rates prevailing in the market and location of the property, among other aspects.


Flippers are the people who trade in real estate. These investors buy a property, hold it for a short time frame and then sell it for a profit. The period of property holding is not more than 4 months in most cases. Properties that can yield good returns are located and they may often be found in the hot areas or can be under as well. The short-term investment gets bad when the property can’t be unloaded. Hence these investments should only be pursued when you have ample of extra cash at and. The second way of flipping is to buy a property, renovate and improve it and sell it at a higher cost.

Joining a Real Estate Investment Group

When you join a real estate investment group, all your worries as a landlord are transferred to the investment group that also acts as a manager of all the properties. The group, for a small fee, carries out task including advertising the vacant unit, maintenance, and tenant interviews among others. As the investments are professionally managed and earnings are pooled you will get ample of money to pay your mortgage, even if your unit is not currently rented and is vacant. REIP or Real Estate Limited Partnership

This partnership entity has a definite year of existence and is form specifically for purchasing, holding, and selling properties for a profit. A real estate firm or a property manager may act as the main or general partner, invite or link the other outside investors, and draw financing for them. The investors get a defined share in the ownership and are called as limited partners. While the limited partners and the general partner as well may get income distributions from time to time, which the property generates, the highest profit comes when the properties are sold. Here again, the investors face the least of hassle.

Apart from these the Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT (stocks of real estate), and Real Estate Mutual Fund are also other forms of investment options available in real estate. Visit this site to get more valuable tips and advice.

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