A Guide to Help You Identify the Right Location to Build Storage Shed

Choosing the right location to build new outdoor storage can be one of the critical decisions for new homeowners. The location of the shed will influence its shape, foundation, and size. There are many factors to consider before setting up a garden shed. Here are a few tips to help you identify the right spot to build a new outdoor storage shed.


The purpose of the shed plays an integral role in determining its location. You may build the shed closer to your garden if you want to store seedlings, lawn equipment, or insecticides. Alternatively, you could locate your shed in an area accessible from your front yard if you’re going to keep hosepipes or toys. The easiest way to determine the location of your shed is to think about its purpose.


Many people often forget that exposing their 10×14 storage sheds to light is critical. There is nothing worse than building a shed in a shaded or darker location. You don’t want to struggle when putting your lawn equipment and toys in the shed. Look for an accessible place where sunlight will shine on your shed. You might consider adding an extra window to your shed if the location is darker or shaded. You could also install electricity to extend the hours you can use your shed.

The Landscape

Landscaping is a critical consideration in constructing an outdoor storage building. Consider all plans of your yard before you decide where to locate an outdoor storage building. While it is possible, it can be costly and challenge to relocate your garden shed. Therefore, have a brainstorming session before you decide where to build a shed. Consider the possibility of installing a pool in the future. You could also be planning to switch from decks to an interlock patio in a few years. As such, consider whether to build the shed at a focal point of your yard or away from your homestead. All these factors are significant in selecting the right location for constructing a garden shed. You could even hire a landscape architect to help you design and determine the right spot for your garden shed.

Ground Conditions

Ground conditions are an essential factor in identifying the right location for building a customized garden shed. Avoid setting up your shed in areas with low spots or pooling water. Areas with a slight pitch can be ideal for setting up a garden shed because they facilitate water drainage. Alternatively, you can use concrete to raise the ground and create adequate drainage system if you intend to build the shed in a highly pitched area.

It can be tough to select the right location for building storage shed especially if you have a large backyard. The first step in a storage shed construction is to consider its purpose. Once you have decided its purpose, you could hire a landscape architect to help you find the right place to locate it. You can also use a shed kit to assemble it yourself if you are feeling ambitious.

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