All About Metal Roofs

Metal Roofing offers excellent, durable protection from the elements in addition to lowering the homes carbon footprint. Metal roofing has been in high demand following the introduction of the carbon tax, with growing awareness of how they can reduce power bills through thermal efficiency. Metal naturally reflects radiant heat from the sun, while keeping the heat in during colder weather. The obvious benefit of this is that a metal roofing system will lead to significant savings on power bills. Some insurers offer discounts to homes with metal roofing due to their high dependability and resistance to damage. Be sure to find out if you can benefit from installing from your insurance company when installing a metal roof. Let’s look at how expensive are metal roofs?

Metal roofing for homes comes in a wide variety of designs, textures, styles, and colors to meet just about anyone’s aesthetic tastes. Different metals can be used to create distinct color combinations. Metal roofing can lead to big savings due to its resistance to cracking, shrinking and eroding. It is also able to withstand extreme weather conditions including hail, frost and is resistant to high winds. The interlocking panels on metal roofing systems are what give it a high resistance and practical immunity to high winds.

What are the downsides?

Metal roofing is generally more expensive compared to alternative materials; however, you will make savings on engineering the support system and on maintenance requirements. Even if you are planning to move within a few years the savings you make on maintenance and the security of knowing it is structurally sound make it worth the investment. Noise factors are also a consideration, as during rainfall there is a distinctly louder impact compared to typical asphalt roofs.

What are the differences in quality?

Low-quality metal roofing can be susceptible to denting during severe hailstones, as aluminum and copper are softer than steel. High-quality metal roofing products are generally guaranteed not to dent, however. Installers need to take due consideration not to scratch he metal roofing system during installation, as it requires careful handling.
Not only do they look good now, but they still retain one of their most appealing qualities: long lasting durability. Over time, they will last somewhere between 2 to 3 times as long as other roofing materials. The reasons for this are its inherent nature to withstand cracking, rotting, crumbling, breaking, or burning. As well, metal is impervious to mold, pests, and algae.

Metal roofs from Tom Sawyer Construction look good, are extremely durable, but what about cost and energy efficiency? Compared to traditional roofs, where solar rays are absorbed and heat up the home, metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the space below the roof cooler. Consequently, savings in energy cost can be up to 40% over traditional roofs. Couple this fact with the minimal maintenance required and the savings after installation will be substantial.

Finally, metal roofs provide the benefit of high sustainability. Most metal roofs are made from aluminum, steel, or alloy. Thus they can be recycled into other products once their life as roof material runs out.

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