Do You Need a Grab Hire for Your Construction Project

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a large-scale construction project or are involved in a refurbishment at your home, a grab lorry offers a cost-efficient and practical solution for removing waste. In order to better understand how a grab hire may assist you, you need to define the service.

What Is a Grab Hire?

A grab hire is typically used for moving a large amount of garden or construction waste. As a result, a grab lorry provides an economical alternative to other waste removal services. That is because this type of removal method is designed with ease of access in mind. As a result, a grab lorry is made with a hydraulic arm and bucket to gather and clear large amounts of waste in areas that are difficult to access.

So, one of the main advantages of using a grab hire is the amount of waste that can be removed. Usually, a regular lorry of this type can hold twice the amount of two skips. In addition, it does not cost as much as a skip hire. The customer can thus realise higher efficiency at a much lower cost.

Who to Contact

If you schedule a grab hire from a company like GW Grab Services, you can have the lorry arrive at your site at a convenient time. The waste can be safely collected and removed with minimum distraction. Because grab lorries are highly accessible, they can grab all sorts of waste products and materials. The types of wastes that lorries pick up include the following:

  • Muck
  • Soil
  • Rubbish
  • Green waste in the form of garden materials, including flower or grass cuttings and hedge trimmings
  • Hardcore rubbish, including concrete and topsoil

Both a skip hire and a grab hire are used to take away waste from commercial and domestic sites, and they do so efficiently and securely. Whilst a grab lorry mainly specialises in removing large amounts of materials, various sizes of skips are made for different sizes of projects. Grab lorries are agile vehicles in that they can remove waste from a roadside without the need for a special permit.

Access Issues

You may experience more issues with access with a skip hire, as a permit is typically needed to keep a skip on a roadway. Therefore, approval times may vary. As a result, a skip is normally better suited to a location where there is extra space to store the container on-site. That offers a better solution than keeping the skip on the roadside.

When you contact a grab hire company, they can offer you the advice needed to help you dispose of any waste properly and cost-efficiently. Not only can you use this type of firm to hire a grab, you can also use the company for such services as digger hire, ditching, trenching, excavation work, re-turfing, demolition, stump removal, groundworks, and supplying sand and gravel. If you choose to use a full-service company, you can handle a number of waste removal projects or excavation work with streamlined efficiency.

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