Do You Need a Skip for a Small Clean-Up Project

If you have a small remodelling project to complete or are clearing a garden space, you can save money and energy by hiring a small skip bin to remove the debris. However, before you make a call to have the skip delivered, you probably have some questions, especially if you have not used a skip service before.

Placing an Order for a Skip

In order to place an order for a skip, you need to speak to a domestic skip bin service about your disposal needs. By talking to the office, you can get more information about sizes of skips and where you want to have the skip delivered. You also need to ask about the cost of the bin as well as inform the company about the type of waste you need removed.

Usually, the price that is quoted for mini skip bins in Perth, WA for domestic use covers a hire that ranges up to a week. If you do schedule a skip for seven days and get done with your project sooner, you can call the company about having the bin collected before the seventh day.

What a Very Small Bin Will Hold

If you are unsure about what size of skip you will need, think about the number of small trailer loads you may need to discard. Usually skips are sized by cubic metre. A cubic metre is the amount that comprises a cube that is one metre in width by one metre in height by one metre in depth.  Therefore, a very small bin that is 2.5 cubic metres usually will cover 1.5 trailer loads, with the trailer being 1.2 by 1.2 metres in size.

Some of the Specifications

A three cubic metre bin holds two trailer loads, whilst a four cubic metre bin can accommodate three to four trailer loads. Should you have a large project, you can get four to five trailer loads in a six cubic metre bin. Make sure the bin is loaded at a level height. If you have bulky items, such as furniture, you can still secure the load if it only peeks out over the top. If you are clearing out a garden, you can compact the waste, thereby allowing you to optimise the bin’s use.

Payment Requirements

Usually, when you hire a skip, the payment is required before or by the delivery date. Drivers can accept the skip payment in the form of cash or a cheque. Office staff members typically take payments in the form of MasterCard or Visa. The bin cannot be collected until a remittance is paid. Also, a small surcharge is usually assessed when a credit card payment is made.

Once you have the basics of ordering understood, you can proceed with your clean-up project without too much difficulty. Speak to a skip hire company today about your clean-up needs.

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