Haware Intelligentia – A group that builds dream homes

One dream that’s common amongst all of us is the dream to own a home  – a place that connects us with self and that binds us FOREVER. Gone are the days when owning a home was merely a dream. Today, it’s a feasible option. With rapid advancements in technology every passing day, our daily life is becoming more and more intelligent. We should now gear up for technological advancements even in our homes that make our abodes more relevant and in sync with the next generation. If you thought that intelligence is merely restricted to academics, think again. At Intelligentia, “intelligence” synonymous with “smartness”, two qualities that every human being would love to possess.

Powered with cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art amenities and ultra-modern facilities, the project is set to redefine the skyline of Mumbai. From advanced mechanical stack parking and highest fire safety standards to flawless security systems, the project will leave you spellbound and riveted. Talk to the experts to know more about 2 bhk flat in Vikhroli.

Ever wondered when you walk into your home, that the room was pre-cooled to your preferred temperature? Or the lights dimmed without you having to lift a finger? Or you could hail a radio cab without having to actually book it? This is no more the stuff of science fiction movies. At Haware Intelligentia, this is everyday life.

Every home is fitted with amenities that you would have found inside a magazine or would have just dreamt about. Be it convenience or customisation, security or efficiency – there’s nothing quite like communicating with your home wherever you are. Our hi-tech complete home automation systems with interactive voice commands help you control your home through your phone or tablet. At Intelligentia, your home anticipates all your needs, without you even being there.

Bringing the freshness back into the kitchen, Intelligentia homes come with world class imported modular kitchens with soft close finishes on all drawers and doors. Intelligentia app ensures that you can be on the road within minutes, using state of the art car retrieval systems. Intelligentia has a study room with WiFi, computers, printers in the library with digital access to more than 1000 different publications. An Intelligence Development Zone is also there.

Aren’t these the amenities that we all would want to be a part of our dream home? Thanks to Haware group that builds dream homes and makes it easily accessible to the common Man. Intelligentia is a future-ready tower that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to nurturing excellence. Intelligence is not merely restricted to the amenities or designs but, also to the surrounding ambience, that generates a feel-good factor.

Now turning your dream into reality is just a phone call away. Talk to the professionals and fix a property visit to book your Intelligent home.

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