How to Ace your Real Estate Test on the First Try

Many people assume that they don’t need real estate exam prep until they fail the exam the first time then they start looking for the guides altogether.

If you have real estate exam coming along, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to get real estate practice exam. This serves as a guide as it will help you identify your weak areas, and also help you familiarize with the questions. Often, these preps are available online and include sample questions, format, number, and breakdown of the questions and details around test taking regulation.

Here is how to ace your real estate test on the first try:

You are aware of the kinds of questions you are going to be asked on the exam; because its stuff you learned in your pre-licensing course. So, the best way to ensure you ace the real estate course is by focusing and putting in the effort. Create good studying habits, take notes throughout the course, review all courses and pay more attention to those that give you trouble. Do all the worksheets and activities and any other thing that’s offered. The more you involve yourself with the courses, the easier it becomes in the exam.

It’s a good idea to do different practice tests. There are quite a number of platforms that offer practice exams, so take advantage of them, and do as many tests as you can. It’s no secret; practice makes perfect. Besides, doing this will only make you more confident during the real exam.

Basic test-taking tips

Licensing exams often have multiple-choice questions. Read the questions keenly, and if necessary, multiple times, to make sure you understand what it’s asking. It’s easy to miss a word and end up giving a wrong answer.

After reading the question, think about what the right answer is before checking the multiple answer choices. Some tips for picking the correct answer include:

  • Narrow down your options by eliminating answers that are obviously wrong
  • Positive answers are likely to be correct than the negative ones
  • Don’t overlook the “all of the above” or “none of the above” choices – a study revealed they were right 52% of the time
  • Figure out the terms you are unsure of or don’t know using common suffixes, prefixes, and word roots
  • Look at the grammatical clues: verbs/subject agreement like “a” vs. “an” may point you to the right answer

Memorize the basics

Most real estate tests include state and national sections – master the basics facts, as often, they will feature on the test. Other important points to know include:

  • Fair housing rules
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Types of listings and agent agreements
  • Deeds and titles
  • Forms of ownership
  • Contract types and element    
  • Types of licensees and agents
  • Types of property conveyance

Dealing with stress

Exams are inherently stressful – but it can get worse if the exam is what stands between you and becoming the agent you want to be. Try to prepare yourself emotionally for the exam and also practice muscle and breathing relaxation skills before the tests, so you’re ready.

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