Improving the Look and Safety of Your Summer Entertainment Area

It can get really scorching hot in many parts of Australia during the summer time. This is when we turn to our air conditioners most often, but it is also the time when many of us love to take a long swim in a backyard pool. Those lucky enough to have backyard pools understand just how great they can be in the summer months.

Staying Safe around Your Pool

Of course, the backyard pool is an essential part of many outdoor entertainment areas. If you’ve never been to a pool party, you’re seriously missing out on some great fun! Of course, it’s also essential to stay safe and secure around the pool. In days gone by, there were very few laws governing pools, but Australia now has some very stringent safety laws in regard to fencing off pool and spa areas.

It is important that every pool or spa area complies with the Australian safety standards for fencing. Given that there have been numerous injuries and deaths caused by unfenced pool areas over the years, regulations are now very tight and focus on preventing these issues. These laws help to ensure the safety and security of toddlers and other young children in a pool or spa area who may or may not be unsupervised.

A Better Looking Pool and Spa Area

As much as we understand how important fencing regulations are, the reality is that many people opt for secure fencing that doesn’t add an awful lot to the aesthetics of an area. Many people simply opt for basic cyclone fencing, which tends to look imposing and even ugly. The good news is that glass pool fencing in Sydney is available to make any entertainment deck look great!

This type of glass fencing offers the following features and benefits:

  • Thick safety glass so that everyone, including young children, are safe from glass breakages
  • Strong and durable spigots that are corrosion resistant
  • A much better looking solution than cyclone fencing!

The fact is that a glass balustrade or fence seems to take up less visual space because it is sleek and transparent. It also means that adults can easily and conveniently supervise their own children, or other adults, in the pool because they can see everything that is happening. There is no obstruction of view, and this, combined with a sleek and modern look, makes glass pool fencing extremely appealing.

As much as we love our pool parties during the summer, isn’t it better to enjoy them knowing that everyone, including young children, is safe? If you have an ugly bit of fencing around your pool or spa area right now, maybe it’s time to look at something more convenient and more attractive.


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