Is a Quick House Sale in London Possible? There are Ways…

London is the UK capital and property here is generally sought after. However, the crash continues to keep people on the cautious side which means the property market remains sluggish – A big concern being if the UK might crash out of European Nations without a decent deal. The high-end market, central property prices are experiencing a notable rise. Even so, there is a backlog of expensive property, some of which has been on sale for years. Average sale transactions throughout the UK was down 2% last year.

You might think that with so many properties for sale and buyers a lot ‘slimmer pickings’ than the hay days, it’s going to be hard to sell your London property. If your finances or personal circumstances had changed quickly and you need to sell your house quickly, what is the best thing to do? Here’s a few ways to get a quick house sale in London.

Get the Price Right

A lot of people think that starting the price high is a good idea. After all, you can always bring it down at lot easier than raise it! This is a killer for anyone who needs to sell quickly. The most attention a property gets is in the first month. Pricing it high and so out of the market is throwing that quick sale opportunity away. Buyers (as well as agents) simply avoid it and usually assume the owner is not open to negotiation. If you are really serious about a quick sale make sue the price is competitive.

Quick House Sale Companies

With the instability of the economy and property market over recent years quick house sale companies have become somewhat mainstream – You will see advertisements for many companies online and in the newspapers. Without doubt, they have provided quick, straight-forward solutions for a great number of people. The amount of time it takes to actually complete varies from a week to a month. There are companies that specialise in London property and others cover the whole of the UK – Literally advertising to buy any house, anywhere! In London, because the houses are in better demand than elsewhere in the UK, a reputable quick house sale company might well be the way forward to a fast, stress-free solution.

A Few Improvements

Along with getting the price right, doing a few small home improvements can help to get your property noticed. Curb appeal is very important and the front of the house is usually the first image the buyer will see. First impressions count. Get rid of any clutter and a fresh coat of paint on the front door can work wonders. Throw out the curling pot plants and add some colour. Making your house stand out from the rest is going to give you a better chance of that quick house sale you want and need!

Giving your home a tidy up and a little maintenance helps. Getting the price competitive is a major key to a quick sale. If more than a month is too long then get in some offers from the quick house sale companies that specialise in London homes. Shop around and like many owners before you – Your house could be sold and the cash in your hand within a month!

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