Planning a Conservatory Conversion: What You Need to Know

A conservatory is one of the most pleasant places in a home in which to relax. Therefore, converting a conservatory roof is an ideal way to upgrade your home and add to its overall value. If your conservatory is too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter, the addition of a conservatory roof can make a big difference in what you spend in terms of energy and how you feel overall.

Use Your Conservatory Year-Round

By adding a solid roof to your conservatory, you can easily use your conservatory any time of the year. Conservatory temperatures become uncomfortable if the roof is made of a polycarbonate or glass material. These materials allow heat to escape from the conservatory. As a result, your heating bills will also escalate. Not only does hot air rise, so does the utility bill for your home.

Other Benefits to Consider

Whilst a solid roof will keep you warm in your conservatory, it will also shade the space in the summertime. Other benefits of these types of conservatory conversions in Ayrshire include the following:

  • A solid roof will reduce the sound of the rain when it pours on the roof, something that can be unsettling if you do not make the upgrade. Many homeowners are often surprised by the marked reduction in sound.
  • Many of the roofs that are used in conservatory conversions replicate the traditional materials used for roofs. Therefore, the roof you choose can be designed to blend nicely with your conservatory and home’s architectural style.

The tile used in a roof conversion is typically recyclable and lightweight. You can even include solar panels to increase energy efficiency even more.

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