Property management also refers to real estate management encompasses all aspects of running an income property, from finding and screening tenants to maintaining the property, collecting rent, and handling any issues that arise. This makes owning a property a hassle-free experience; however, selecting a property management company is a slightly more difficult task. Not only do you want a manager with the right experience and the right price but you also want to make sure the company’s overall focus and management style are a good fit for you.

  • Finding Appropriate Property Managers.

Before you decide which companies to approach for management of your apartment you need to set goals on management services you would require more so if you  need big companies or personal attention this will help you narrow your research, from there you should consider the following aspects;

Customer service, be sure you get familiar with the companies, customer service policies since they will be representing you as they serve your customers and tenants on your behalf. You will also need to check on their availability based on emergencies that may arise, management requires a 24hours response to avoid inconveniences.

Also get to understand their charges, a good property management company will make it easy for you to understand their fees based on every service they offer be it on a monthly or daily basis. Finally, you need to consider their management systems, a good property manager should be able to easily describe her proven methods for securing payments, performing routine maintenance, complying with regulations, handling emergencies, and dealing with critical issues. And this kind of services is available in the apartment property management NYC companies.

  • Apartment Management with XL Real Property Management.

XL real property management provides services for both individual apartment management and rental building townhouses relieving you of the stress of investing in real estates.

  • Services Offered by XL Real Property Management

XL apartment management services include rent invoicing where your tenants will always know when, where and how much to pay, they are emailed the invoice via emails or can confirm through the companies websites. Rent collection or payments can be done online even through smart cards and a reminder for those who fail to make payments is assured. There is also an insurance procurement for needs protection; XL will find you an assured insurance policy in case you experience property loss. And the instant processing of tenants requests by the management.

Maintenance and repair services are offered to prevent small problems from getting bigger, even in case of an emergency XL real estate’s will be there to protect your interest. An XL team member can always attend the annual unit owner’s meeting on your behalf, take notes of the important information and update you later. Other apartment management services include legal services, routine property inspection, state and federal tax filing preparation.

For rental buildings and townhouses, XL services include emergency repair assistance, annual accounting and statement preparation, furnishing procurement and inventory services which involve tracking and keeping all the furnishing records. Handling of legal issues by experts in case there is a change in the legal laws. XL Will also help you avoid bank overcharges by reviewing your mortgage escrows calculation, taking care of paperwork involving regulatory filings and compliance. Management will also ensure your equipment to meet the safety requirements by ensuring boiler, elevator and life safety equipment inspection and monitoring.

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