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Questions to Ask a Home Inspector Before Buying a Home

Every process within the home buying attempt is vital. Included with that is the home inspection which as crucial as every process involved. During this process, a home buyer will be in touch with a professional generally known as a home inspector. He is a third party professional unattached to either the seller or the buyer. His expertise will educate both the seller and the buyer about the true state of the property subject to inspection. Because of his knowledge, there are several questions which buyers, or even the sellers, might want to ask to him. For guidance, here are some questions which can be asked of the home inspector.

Is the foundation strong and reliable?

The foundation of the house is where its strength depends. It makes the house reliable during times of earthquakes and other forceful movements. Ask the home inspector if the house is built using standard materials. This is an assurance that the house can withstand strains and overtime will not be easy to develop cracks or fissures.

Is the plumbing system working adequately?

The plumbing system is also an important feature of a property. With this in full functional capacity, you are assured that bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and wash rooms, and even lawns and gardens have water supply for the functions that the plumbing system in these areas will serve. Ask if there are no leaks to prevent flooding. Ask if there are no replacements needed.

Is the electrical system still safe?

An aging house will be subject to wear and tear overtime. The parts as well as the systems in it will also incur faults and damages like the electrical wires and everything connected to it. ask the house inspector if the wiring are still safe. Know wether replacements or repairs are necessary. Would additional appliances and lighting still be in the capacity of the electrical system to bear.

Is there proper insulation?

An insulation plays an important part in maintaining natural hotness or coldness in the house. Insulations prevent excessive heat from penetrating. Ask the inspector if sufficient insulations are currently installed. Is the current insulation of the right material.

Is there proper air ventilation?

Air should circulate properly in the house. Are there enough openings to let natural air come in? Are the current air-producing appliances like ceiling fans and air conditioners in the right places?

These are just some of the basic questions you can ask the home inspector to weigh wether or not the house you are going to buy is fit for living. Are you currently in the process of buying a house? Don’t forget to ask the home inspector properly.

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