Southern Charm: Why You Should Buy a House Down South

In 1914 Fayetteville, North Carolina, the first of many cracks of the bat was heard from one 19-year-old George Herman Ruth Jr. He was a pitcher for the Boston Red Socks at the time, and when he came up to hit, he smacked his first professional home run in that small southern town. This was where the nickname “Babe Ruth” originated.

North Carolina is not only where this baseball legend’s nickname was born, but also a place rich with history and culture. With the flowering dogwood —the state’s tree—adding its delicate touch, North Carolina has great appeal. It is not just a great place to visit, however, it can be very easy to find yourself calling this place home. If you happen to live in the Tar Heel State or are looking to settle, here are some tips to make you feel right at home.

What is There to do in West Jefferson, NC

There are many places in North Carolina to live and spend your days. Even small populated towns, such as West Jefferson in Ashe County that has a population of 1290 people is filled with things to do. Officially founded on February 9, 1915, this historically registered area is perfect for art lovers. If you enjoy walking, you can visit any of the 12 murals on the Downtown Walking Tour in the art district. You will view projects that were first erected in 1996 by artist Jack Young to depict the history of Ashe County. The last mural was completed by artist Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet with the help of local Ashe Middle School students in 2006.

If you’re a food enthusiast, you can enjoy learning about a culinary favorite such as cheese at the Ashe County Cheese Factory. In 1930, thanks to Kraft Corporation, this small cheese plant has been servicing Ashe for almost 90 years. You can also spend the day doing some shopping, visiting the Boondocks Brewery, or taking in a show at the Parkway Theatre. Journey outside of Jefferson to neighboring towns such as Boone, Apple Grove, or Beaver Creek that offer additional local cultural experiences.

Great Real Estate: Staging a Home Inside and Out

Ashe County is not just a place to visit, but also a place you can call home. If you are looking to settle in this beautiful state, you’ll be glad to know that there are many homes for sale in West Jefferson. Contact a local real-estate agent to begin your search.

The outside aspects of a property are the first sight people see when driving up to a house. Home owners tend to include local plants as a way to appeal to those who are looking to integrate the essential aspects of Southern charm. Aesthetically pleasing landscaping and attention to detail can add a rather intimate touch, which is why you might find front doors painted a vibrant and welcoming color and perhaps even adorned with pineapple door knockers, a symbol of welcoming and hospitality.

When the front door opens, it can either entice a new buyer or send them slowly backing out to their cars. Some real estate agents or homeowners may elect to hire a staging company to help potential buyers get a sense of the property. Placing a few decorative items around the house can go a long way. For example, adding art to the walls or books on the coffee table, can give any space a feeling of immediate warmth, which can help you see the full potential of the house.

Don’t forget to make note of the assets of the home, such as hardwood floors or the spacious size of the bedrooms. Ask your real-estate agent if the house has a historic story, as most often do. Become fully involved in all aspects of the home, as a Southern home is so much more than just a house.

North Carolina has so much to offer. Whether you already call the state home or are looking for your very own piece of Southern charm, you are bound to enjoy the history, culture, and shopping spots this state offers.

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