Stencilled vs Stamped Concrete

Concreting techniques have come a long way since we first discovered the material. We’re now able to create an array of patterns and finishes, all designed to improve the appearance of what can be an uninspiring material.

Best of all, concrete can be used anywhere, both inside and outside the home, with one popular area being the driveway. In this article, we’re going to help you decide between the two most popular options; stencilled and stamped concrete.

What is Concrete Stencilling?

The practice of stencilling concrete involves placing a stencil over a recently cast or poured concrete slab. This stencil can take many forms, with the end user free to choose a stencil design of their choice.

Once the concrete mix has set or cured, the imprint left by the stencil remains and provides an appealing finished to the entire concrete surface.

What is Concrete Stamping?

The practice of stamping concrete is similar in principal to stencilling. The difference is that a much deeper imprint is made into the surface of wet concrete via the use of large rubber stamps.

These stamps are forcefully pressed into the surface of freshly poured concrete which then creates an uneven, slate tile like appearance.

Versatility and Variety

The best thing about this type of concrete finishing is that it can be performed on concrete of all types. This means that you are free to choose the colour and aggregate of your concrete surface before the stencilling or stamping process takes place, allowing you to further customise your new surface.

  • Pave cut concrete is designed to provide the look of individual paving slabs without the cost. A cutting disc is used to cut ridges into the surface of the concrete once it has cured. It is these ridges that provide the appearance of separate sections of concrete, and we must say, the results are usually outstanding.
  • You can combine both of these techniques together by first stamping the concrete and waiting until it has cured before then performing a pave cut as required.

Comparative Costs

The cost of each construction technique will vary depending on specification but we usually find that costs work out to be similar. What you will often find is that any secondary requirements such as exposed aggregate or difficult to produce colours have the ability to affect prices more than the choice of stamping or stencilling technique does.

Find a Construction Company

Once you’ve decided on your choice of concrete finish, simply approach a construction firm of your choice. If you live in Australia you’re in luck. Stencilled concrete in Melbourne is now very popular with homeowners so there are several companies with the required expertise who can assist. We would suggest looking through the portfolio of some of these companies for design inspiration and to evaluate the quality of their work.

Well laid concrete will last decades with minimal maintenance which is why it should always be your first choice in cost efficient building materials. Couple that with its other desirable characteristics and you can’t go far wrong.

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