The fascinating world of the island available when buying Zakynthos real estate

We respect the time of our clients and therefore tried to move away from the practice of other real estate portals that host thousands of monotonous objects in their catalogs. Our portfolio has been carefully worked out – every house, every apartment we offer for sale, has a current price, is accompanied by a detailed description with the indicated distance from the sea and major cities, there are a large number of photos and videos available on the site A mild climate with warm winter, ancient history, centuries-old culture only underline the attractiveness of the territory. Lovers of seclusion can easily find a small village in the mountains or the quietest little island where you can indulge without restraint. Fans of social life await the fashionable resorts and lively cities.

If you want to bring diversity to your life then you in a real estate agency Greece. Rest on the island of Zakynthos can be very diverse, for example, you can visit the local zoo and the local Spa Resort, with halogen springs, the beach of Ksigi!

  • Ksigi Beach, which the local population calls a cosmetology cabin under the open sky. All this thanks to sulfur sources, which are incredibly useful for the skin.

Moreover, as the Ionian Islands are known for their charming beaches, and visiting the beach of Navahio Bay, you will definitely want to see and swim on the beautiful beach of Mirtos on the island of Kefalonia, which is located next to Zakynthos.

We provide legal support when buying zakynthos real estate, we help with notarial support of real estate transactions, we accompany you to shows in Greece and provide after-sales service. So, for example, we can take all the trouble on the situation of your new home, help you deal with insurance, gladly take upon yourself the responsibility of caring for your home in your absence. And those who buy real estate in Greece as investments, we will help with finding tenants for the holiday season!

You will definitely enjoy the climate on the island of Zakynthos

The hot rays of the sun warm «Green Island» for most of the year. The weather in Zakynthos is ideal for living and an unforgettable holiday in any month. Summer days here are dry and hot, but the sea breeze and azure waves make it possible for travelers to feel comfortable even under the scorching sun. The climate of Zakynthos is similar to the climate in other Greek islands. Precipitation here is a rarity, with the exception of rain in the warm winter months. In winter, there is almost no frost or snow. Most of the tourists come to the island from May to October. Do not hesitate to contact any question to real estate agency Greece and we will help to find real estate for you.

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