The Most Common Reasons for Home Flood

Water is a beautiful thing to consume, to swim in, to look at during stressful periods, but the water inside the house is nothing but a problem.

Imagine that you return home from work and you notice that everything swims in water. It is highly frustrating and stressful to even think about it, that is why you should prevent it from ever happening.

There could be dozens of reasons for the home flood from leaking pipe to broken seals. That is why the first and the most important step is to find the cause of the problem. We decided to present you the most common reasons for home leakage:

  1. Broken Pipes

Just one tiny drop of water inside your home can be a sign of major flooding problem that could happen in the future. That is why you should inspect the pipes on an annual basis, especially if you have old pipes that could rust and damage for constant use.

The pipes can send huge capacity of water inside your home within a minute. Therefore, you should be cautious and if you notice drops go to the main valve and shut it off until the professional come.

You don’t want to treat the emergency after the flood. It requires a certain investment, but in the future, you will know that the inspection is the best way to prevent major issues.

  1. Lousy Drainage

Improper drainage can cause huge inconvenience where the flood is the most significant but not the only problem. An issue could run your walls, flooring, fixtures and even house groundwork.

Therefore, you should find a way to clean and maintain drains and sewer frequently, to reduce clogging and to reduce the possibilityof flooding and even bigger problem.

  1. Blocked Gutters

Gutters are also essential when it comes to diverting the water from your house and away from it. However, in case that you neglect the maintenance and cleaning, harmful debris inside of it can raise chances of flooding.

When you combine the clogged gutters and heavy rainfall that could lead to a messy situation that will require more significant investment than before. That is why you should constantly repair the roof damages as well as gutter because that is the best way to protect your home from leakage and flood.

  1. Appliances

Another common reason for the indoor flood is the broken dishwasher, water heater or washing machine. If you have in mind that your washing machine is using lots of water while working, imagine that the entire capacity gets out at the same time. You entire apartment will be under water.

Therefore, you have to ensure that there are no leaks and that the water supply is perfect when it comes to major appliances. You will also be able to use the device that could detect if there are leaks and problems with your appliance. Of course, we recommend you if you notice a tiny problem, you should call appliance service to fix it as soon as possible.

If you want to find more information on what to do in case of flooding, click here.

  1. Foundation

In case that the foundation of your home has cracks and flaws, that could allow the water to enter the house walls.

You probably understand that foundations are always on the ground, but even if you have the solid foundations, they can allow water to enter. Therefore, you should inspect the foundation, especially if you find the wet walls and ceilings.

It is less expensive to fix these holes and ruptures, then to wait for the serious thing to happen. Having a house is not just about large space; it requires frequent maintenance to keep it ready and safe for people inside.

  1. The Weather Problems

When building a house, you should talk with experts that will tell you the right materials that you should use based on the weather conditions. If you live in areas where hurricanes and heavy rains could pop up out of nothing, you should find a way to protect yourself against it.

By using waterproof materials and proper roofing, you can reduce the chances significantly, but still, natural causes are natural, so you cannot do anything about them.

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