Tips for Choosing a Retractable Roof System for Your Home or Business

Whether you own a business or want a shaded area in your backyard, installing retractable awnings can provide what you want. A business can extend its outdoor space during the day and evening with retractable awnings and residential systems can be installed over pergolas, patios, or decks to provide a cooler outdoor area in the summer. Here are some tips for choosing retractable systems for your home or business.

Types of Retractable Systems

For your home or business, there are different choices of retractable roof systems. The two main types are commercial or residential systems, with commercial systems usually having more options. However, the basic operation and use for each system is the same; it is usually the style, size, and system options that are different.

These systems have retractable awnings that stretch over the desired area to provide shade from the sun and protection from rain. The awning fabrics are coated to be waterproof and provide protection from UVA and UVB sun rays. This allows you to be outside even when the sun is right overhead because the shade can make your outdoor area cooler.

Consider Lighting Needs

Some retractable awning systems give you the option of adding lighting so you can sit outside when the sun goes down. Most commercial awnings offer this option so that businesses can provide lighting on patios for customers choosing to eat or drink outside. Having lit patios also helps them extend the number of tables that they have available, which can increase their revenue.

The lighting included with these systems is usually LED lights, which provide the right amount of brightness to see your meal, enjoy your drink, and see across the patio. The lighting system attaches to the awning’s cross bars and when the awnings retract, so does the lighting. When the restaurant or pub is closing, the staff can retract the awning without needing to worry about the lights.

Freestanding Systems

If you run a hotel or bed and breakfast with a swimming pool and want to provide a shaded area, you can purchase a freestanding retractable system. Instead of needing to attach it to the main building, you can place a system in areas away from it to provide shade for guests. The fabric options for these systems include mesh, PVC, and acrylic canvas.

Pergola Systems

If you want a pergola in your backyard, perhaps near your pool or the garden, but don’t have one, there are retractable systems that include the pergola and motorised awning. This can be installed wherever you want the pergola to create an outdoor area that can be used on a hot summer day or a cool evening. The system can be retracted if you want to see the stars or it can help cool the area by providing shade during the day.

When selecting a system, consider your wants and needs and then consult with a company that sells retractable systems so they can measure and make recommendations for your home or business.

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