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Tips on making wooden signs last longer

Just like every business needs to select the workforce for it carefully, they should also conduct while choosing the signs for their business. Choosing signage for your business is something that should be done carefully and diligently because that should last longer and you won’t have to spend a large sum of money in it in the later days.

For this, you can do a comparison between different sign shops that have examples of signs already built, so that you can decide which company is capable of meeting your specific needs. If you want to get new wooden signage for your business or if you are upgrading old wooden signage with an exciting touch then here are a few things that you need to consider.

How to hike the lifespan of wooden signs?

There are a plethora of options that can hike the lifespan of wooden signs, but you need to follow only some of them. Here is a guide for you to take care of your wooden signs that will help them to last longer. Have a look!

  • It is advised to route the letters on the wood signboards in place of painting them because this would help the letters to stay much longer than the painted ones.
  • Also, make sure that you make a shade over the sign or protect it with a thin transparent film of plastic or paint to make the paint look better and longer.
  • The specialty of wooden signs is that even a small wooden sign can last for years if painted well and maintained properly. You won’t need much touch up in the hardwood, and so investment in the back end would be minimal.
  • The wood should be thickly painted with high quality paint and then lacquered properly to seal the paint in.

What more to do?

To be very precise anything made of outdoors, hot sun, wood, will be attacked by moisture, & living beings like birds and molds. So you need to protect the wood, and if you can’t then, you need to choose some of the best quality wood varieties available in the market to withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

Also, you have to take care of the fact that your wooden signboard doesn’t experience direct contact with the ground as it posses a threat from water and bugs. You can use Cedar or Pressure treated lumber to make the best out of your signboards and help them last longer. The next thing that you can keep into consideration is keeping the wood clear & dry of brush, ground soil & weeds.

The bottom line

For keeping your wooden signboards like new make sure that you use primer and paint more than a single coat. Apart from that, you need to treat the paint with sealer so that the paint doesn’t easily run off by the rain. If you can then also use a marine spar varnish that is like coating it with plastic. This coat in addition to protecting the wooden sign can also give it an extraordinary luster.

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