Tips to Give Spacious Look to Your 1BHK Home

These days, flats for sale in Bangalore, Mumbai and other metro cities are high on price but relatively less on space. This may especially be true for someone from non-metro cities or rural area who is relocating, as people from that region are used to living in big spaces. However, once you have bought a home, you can simply follow these tricks and techniques to make your home appear bigger in size than it actually is.

Usage of Vertical Space

Homeowners should put efforts to make the most use of the wall or vertical space rather than placing things on the floor. You should take benefits of the height of vertical wall with the addition of various tall shelves, bookcases and cabinets.

Use of French Windows

Because of their floor-to-ceiling glass windows, French windows have become the most sought-after home décor option for small homes. The best thing about any French window is that it automatically provides enough space to your room and allows passage of more natural light for illuminating the entire room. Moreover, French windows come with glasses that provide openness extending beyond rather than any opaque wall.

Creating Illusions is Important

You should mount mirrors of different sizes at various strategic positions. For instance, locating a mirror in a corner of your room may help in increasing the natural light. Furthermore, you should use various floor-to-ceiling curtains and see-through furnishings to make the entire space appear bigger than it actually is.

Selection of Light Colors

Colors always play a major role in adding depth to various areas in your home. Hence, you should make sure to give a brighter look to both the ceiling and walls of your room by using a variety of light color tones, which include light brown, beige, cream and white.

Go with Folding Type and Similar Smart Furniture

Today, with the consistent advancement in the home décor segment, you may easily find a wide range of furniture items, which are able to function in multiple ways. For instance, you may use a dining table to act as a study table and later on, fold it back across the wall. In the same manner, you may opt to buy flip-flop tables, folding chairs and folding beds, all of which will boost the already existing space in your 1BHK flat.

Store Daily-use Items Smartly

Individuals staying in a 1BHK flat should strictly get rid of various unwanted things and clutters, which include additional clothes or unnecessary files. For example, you should store the day-to-day bathroom supplies and other similar items in labeled boxes.

Create your own Masterpiece

Art is a great way to design and fulfil the space in your home. The best option is DIY that means “Do It Yourself” for interior design of your home. However, it is advisable to not fix lots of paintings on walls as that will make your home look congested. Use scenic 3D paintings as it will give walls a lot of depth.

Professional help

This can be very helpful in getting new ideas. Let the professionals know about your budget before handing over the project. They are smart enough to suggest you the best option that fits perfectly in your defined budget. It is always wise to take a professional help to make your home look relatively bigger.

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