What To Expect In An Air Conditioner Repair Service

A malfunction aircon is annoying especially on summer seasons. It is imperative to have aircon maintenance regularly to avoid malfunctioning. Whether it is at home or business establishment, aircon must function well. At home where there are kids and elders, having a broken aircon is very challenging especially if it happened on hot seasons. At the office where the aircon is broken, the employees will not be as productive as usual, and this will significantly affect the result of the business. In this article, we will tackle what you will expect in an aircon service repair. So, if your aircon seems to be malfunctioning then better hire an ac repair Houston tx to make sure that your aircon will get repaired as soon as needed.


The cost is depending on your location and the repairs needed, but basically, an aircon repair labor service can cost as low as $20 and as much as $100. If there are parts that needed to be replaced, it will be added to the cost. However, there are times that it is cheaper to buy a new unit in cases that the main parts are the ones that needed repairs. That is why it is essential to have your aircon checked regularly, at least twice a year by a qualified aircon maintenance personnel.


Aircon repair can last at least 30 minutes depending on the service needs. The usual check up can run for 30 minutes, checking all the parts and the function of each. However, if there is significant damage to your unit, it will need further repair. You have two options in cases like this, either you let the aircon repair guy do his job at your place or let him bring the unit to his shop. You can also check the aircon service repair in their Houston office to see what they can offer.

Parts Replacement

Of course, there are times that your aircon unit needs part replacement so be ready for it. AT sometimes, it can be costly, but you can have an option to buy second-hand aircon parts. You can find a lot of deals online, or you can ask your aircon repair guy for parts if they are selling something or any recommendations where you can buy parts at cheap costs.

Cleaning Service

Some repair service also offers a cleaning service for your aircon to work like brand new. Sometimes, if the aircon filter is dirty, then it won’t work. There are times that all you need is a cleaning service for your aircon to work correctly. So never neglect your aircon cleaning schedule.


Most of the aircon repair services have warranties so better check the ones that are offering it to be sure. There are cases that the aircon works after the repair then after a month, it went back to its old sickness again, so you need to have it repaired still. Unlike when your replacement has a warranty, then you don’t need to worry if it malfunctions anytime soon.

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