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Has Covid Affected Renting Property in Central London?

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the headlines in 2020 it hit every sector of the economy. Some of the industries had to adapt to new techniques in order to keep up with their competition. The property market was one of those industries. The social distancing and other lockdown measures that were put in place have made it difficult for both clients and realtors with regard to the prices and the handling of property sales and rentals. In this article, you will see how covid has affected rental properties in central London.

With Lockdown in Place

People were not allowed to leave their homes during the lockdown, which created new challenges for surveyors and clients, who needed to inspect and view properties. Prices then slumped to 1.8% by May 2020, which had fallen from 3.7% in the previous month. The professionals had to find new and inventive ways to keep on working and allowing viewing of properties. In May, the growth of the property industry did show positive signs.

Once Lockdown Was Lifted

Marylebone Estate Agents, as well as solicitors, surveyors, and various other professionals throughout the UK noticed that they had a high demand by the time the lockdown was coming to an end. The high demand in buyers has seen property values increase, but they are not as high as they were before.

The UK government did in fact set up measures in order to avoid the total collapse of the property market during the worst of the pandemic. Not doing so would have had severe consequences on the economy. Cutting the stamp duty was one of the measures that were put in place. Buyers could then save up to 15 000 pounds should they wish to buy property before the end of the year. This enables the buyers to reach a conclusion and acquire the property they wanted without having to miss out on the opportunity.

Real Estate Experts in Marylebone

Many companies in this area do provide services to real estate, but Jeremey James and Company have shown that they can satisfy their customers beyond what they are expecting to get. This company has been helping customers in the area for over thirty years already. 

From The Eighties

This company has specialized in many different areas within the industry from leases, to the handling of sales to property management. The firm has some of the best estate agents in town that are there to provide viewers and buyers with very high standards of customer service. All the staff are super-experienced and have loads of knowledge of the area.

Choosing Jeremy James and Company is the best option if you are looking for great service at affordable rates. This is a company that pays great attention to detail and is there to make sure the customer is happy.

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