Why Hire an Experienced Tree Surgeon

Having trees in the garden or on the street can be a truly wonderful thing. They provide shade, clean air, and a connection to nature. In fact, many town planners deliberately design green areas so that people can enjoy them. Studies have even found that trees and parks help us to feel happier and more grounded.

What Can a Tree Surgeon Do for You?

As wonderful as a garden or street full of trees is, these trees also need to be taken care of by professional tree surgeon services in Bognor Regis. Tree surgeons can do the following:

  • Thinning and reduction: When the crown of a tree grows too thickly, it can get in the way of power lines and can even grow into nearby buildings, causing damage. Tree surgeons understand how to reduce the thickness of the crown without causing long-term damage to the tree.
  • Removal: There are a wide range of diseases that can affect trees. As long-lived as most trees are, sometimes certain tree diseases can become a danger to pedestrians and homeowners. Some trees have even been known to fall on cars!
  • Stumps: If you’ve purchased a home where trees have been removed by amateurs, it is likely that the stumps remain in the ground. Getting rid of them can be difficult, but a tree surgeon has the equipment and expertise to do so.

The Community Value of the Tree Surgeon

Trees are great in our gardens, in parks, and on the street, but they require expert maintenance. A tree surgeon understands how to maintain trees without damaging them.

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