4 Benefits Of Renting Portable Toilets

All of us have been in a situation where we needed a toilet, but there were none available. Maybe it happened at a music concert or at a private party, where there is always a queue outside most toilets, especially the ladies one. Many of us organise events ourselves like weddings and such, but we want to have our reception outside, but because of the large number of guests, providing toilet facilities for them would be a nightmare. One way around this is to provide portable toilets for them and for a small, affordable rate, you can take the worry away, from where your guests are going to pee. Portable toilets are incredibly practical and we will look at some of their benefits here.

  1. Additional Facilities – Nobody wants large numbers of family using our facilities in our homes and we certainly don’t want strangers using our bathrooms either. When you are organising an event that requires more toilet facilities then portable toilets provide the answer. You can have the portable toilet places at the front or the back of your home, and have signs directing your guests towards them. The beauty about it is that when the party is over, the company just comes and picks them up and you don’t have to worry about the sewage.
  2. Renovation Work – Sometimes we need to do some renovation work at our homes and businesses and this might mean that the plumbing needs to be disconnected. In this event, there may not be a usable toilet for you, your family or your employees. A portable toilet provides a great solution and they can be placed just outside your home or business for everyone to use.
  3. Sports Events – Usually sports events take place far out of the town and facilities may be provided, but in small numbers. For a school sports day, you will have teachers, parents and children all in one place and all of them will need to use the toilets at some point. There clearly won’t be enough, so renting a portable toilet from Abee Hire, for example, is a great way to take care of everyone’s toilet needs.
  4. Construction Contractors – Large construction sites have lots of workers and you need to keep your workers happy. Not providing them with proper toilet facilities is one way to get them annoyed. Expecting them to pop off behind a tree or bush is unacceptable, especially if they have to empty their bowels. You really can’t expect your employees to work well, if they are busting to go to the toilet and there is no where to go. Portable toilets are a great way to provide facilities for lots of workers at the same time and it means that your workers are not peeing around the site, which causes bad smells and unhygienic conditions.

There is no longer the need to find a quiet, secluded spot to relieve yourself. Also exposing yourself even unintentionally is a crime in the UK and you could get into a lot of trouble for it. Portable toilets are the answer.

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