Online Estate Agents and Advertising for Commercial Properties

While the presence of online estate agents for residential properties is fairly extensive, the presence of those that give attention to commercial properties is less commanding. For that reason, you may struggle to find a legitimate agent to distribute your property listing; however, this is becoming less and less of an issue and commercial properties can now experience the benefits of online agents and an expanded online presence without traditional fees.

Why Online Estate Agents?

The major attraction of online estate agents versus High Street agents is typically price. Online agents formulate their pricing much differently, which often means a more cost-effective, not to mention commission-free, experience for the seller.

The high fees often associated with traditional estate agents can be effectively eliminated while the job remains the same. Plus, there is the added convenience of enhanced online communication that usually extends past traditional office hours to both the evenings and the weekends.

Tailored Marketing Packages

Given that many online estate agents operate on a flat rate, you can tailor the marketing package to cover your specifications, which ultimately means that your money is well spent.

Packages may include listing destinations, predetermined or unlimited marketing periods, agent negotiation, and more, depending on which package you choose.

Where Do Your Properties Get Listed?

Once you partner up with an online agent such as Virtual Commercial, your property information is distributed to a variety of associated commercial property listing websites to ensure the widest coverage of your property. Packages of all levels will include marketing on your agent’s website itself.

These and all of the above services extend to property lettings so whatever your intentions are with your property, you will be able to reap the benefits. Your online agents will also manage all enquiries on a 24/7 basis to ensure that you never miss a potential buyer.

Experience Simplicity

That’s really the goal when you choose to market your property through an online estate agent and this is both simplicity in price and simplicity in execution.

Commercial properties especially can be subject to high agent fees and other hidden costs but when you seek the same service online, you receive a fixed amount with no additional or future costs.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy as well and it can all be completed online. Once you have created an account with the company, selected your package, and submitted your property information, the rest will be taken care of. Your listing gets distributed, all enquiries are directed to you, and you can directly negotiate with the potential buyers, not to mention having full ongoing support from your online estate agents until your property has been let or sold.

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