4 Reasons Why you Might Need a Property Lawyer

There are many types of lawyers, with criminal, commercial, corporate, family and property, being just a few of the special branches of law that solicitors specialise in. While most of us know why a person would require a criminal lawyer, but a property solicitor, on the other hand, projects a less clear image to the average member of the public, and if you are uncertain as to what a property lawyer actually does, here are just a few situations when you would require such a service.

  1. Buy to Rent – This relatively new business requires a property lawyer, as the landlord must engage into a legal rental agreement with the tenant, and this can be quite a complicated process. For the landlord, a property lawyer can represent them in court, should a tenant ever instigate legal proceedings, and if the owner wanted to evict a tenant, the property lawyer would handle this. A tenant might not agree with your damage assessment at the end of the lease, and the landlord wishes to retain a portion of the deposit, and in this case, both tenant and landlord would need to seek out a property lawyer.

  1. Unsatisfied Tenant – Some landlords are far from generous when it comes to their tenants, and if a person feels they are not being treated fairly by their landlord, they can take legal action. It is often the case that both parties cannot agree about the current condition of the property, and therefore the figure that must be deducted from the deposit, and this can lead to the tenant seeking out a property lawyer to examine their legal options. If you are in this position and living in the Home Counties, there are affordable property lawyers in London who can advise you on any aspect of your rental agreement.

  1. Buying or Selling – If you are going to sell your home, you will require a property lawyer who will take care of the legal side and also liaise with the buyer and ensure a smooth transition. The lawyer would ensure that any property their client was going to purchase, would be in sound condition and not at any disadvantage.

  1. Challenging Homeless Decisions – Sometimes a homeless person feels they have been mistreated by a local authority, and they can hire a property lawyer to represent them in a court of law. There are legal aid options for such a case, and in some circumstances, the lawyer might be prepared to take the case on a no win- no fee” basis.

Property lawyers are always in demand, and with most cases, it is possible to reach an out of court settlement, largely due to the negotiating skills of the lawyers, and this saves everyone money and the courts are left to deal with more complex issues. There are online property lawyers who can assist you in many ways, and a simple search should point you in the right direction.

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