How you will know if Your Water System is not Working Correctly

If there’s no water coming through your taps or very little pressure, you may just want to follow these steps to find out exactly what the problem is and how to get it sorted.

  • Ask some other residents nearby in your area or apartment block, and see if they have the same problem. If their water supply is still flowing smoothly, then it’s most likely got something to do with only your home. If you happen to live in a block of flats, check with the building’s maintenance service, the local authorities, or the managing agent of the building for any known internal issues.
  • Try turning on the cold water kitchen tap, because the main water supply usually enters your home in the kitchen or utility room cold taps. If there is water is coming out of this tap, and not elsewhere (such as in the shower or bathroom), the problem is definitely with your internal plumbing.
  • Is a burst pipe the culprit? A pipe may have burst somewhere that you can’t see it, like in a wall, basement, or even somewhere outdoors. Listen carefully to the water pipes for any sound of running water and should you require further professional assistance for plumbing in Southampton, contact a professional service.
  • Make sure that your stop valves are open, it’s usually located under the kitchen sink, in the airing cupboard or in older houses, under the floorboards beside the front door. Should the valve be closed, just turn it anti-clockwise to make it fully open. If you’re not sure how to find and use the inside stop valve, do the homework and find out all about it before anything bad goes down.
  • The outside stop valve will also need to be fully opened. Some homes share their water supply with neighbours, so ask your neighbours to see if they have recently used the outside stop valve. Once again, it is in your best interests to know the exact location of where the valves are.
  • If you find any water on the floor near the hot water systems heater, it will mean that water is leaking from the tank. This water could be leaking due to a loose valve or from a leaky pipe, but if you don’t see any leaky pipes, you can have a go at trying to tighten the valve.
  • In winter months, carry out a check for any frozen pipes, because cold weather can definitely freeze pipes and make them more susceptible to expansion and bursting. If you come across any pipe that is frozen, either get up to speed on how to fix it, or contact experienced professionals to expertly deal with it and get it fully working again.

Get them Flowing Again

If for whatever reason your taps aren’t flowing like they used to, do yourself a favour and get them working again. Who wishes for a full flow, but only gets a trickle?

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