Buying Property in Switzerland

If you intend to live or do business in Switzerland, you might want to weigh the advantages of buying as opposed to renting residential or work property. Switzerland’s market for the real estate has been on the rise and the appropriate time to invest is now.
Seeking Swiss citizenship? In order to be recognized as a Swiss domicile, one is required to either rent or purchase property in the country.
Many of Switzerland’s cities are safe and good to live in. Although accessibility to social amenities differs from city to city many of the regions are habitable. The price of permanent properties varies across the country. Taxes are also different and vary depending on the canton you are living in.
Realtors and estate management agents control Switzerland’s real estate. There is minimum contact between the tenants and the real property owners. Market trends indicate that the demand for property in the country is higher than the supply.
Property Ownership in Switzerland
The level of property ownership in Switzerland is low. Being a mountainous country partly explains why there is not much land that can be used for construction purposes. The low rate of property ownership can also be blamed on rising population, tight home ownership rules and reduced housing stock.
Majority of the residents are living in rental houses while many homeowners live in the outskirts of the major cities.
Foreigners who are EU or EFTA citizens can purchase permanent residential or work property without a hitch. If you are not a citizen of either EU or EFTA, then the law requires that you have lived in the country for 10 years or more after which you can actually apply for the nation’s citizenship. Foreigners born or married to Swiss citizens qualify for similar treatment like the nations’ citizens.
Is Buying A Permanent Property In Switzerland Worth It?
For first-time property owners, Switzerland remains among the top best countries to invest in. The opportunities are greater for foreigners because property acquisition requires an initial deposit of up to 20% or above and research indicates that they are better placed to put such amounts as down payments when compared to Swiss citizens.
That Switzerland is a thriving business hub is also another reason why you should consider buying property. The business potential is a plus for the real estate sector because people will always be in need of business houses, residential apartments, hostels and so on. Being a property owner and renting out to tenants means good business. There are many Swiss realtors and agents who can always connect you to the tenants and handle them on your behalf.
There has been a sharp property market rise in Switzerland and this has created a period where customers can lobby for good deals from the property sellers. If you do not know where to start, or if you need professional advice and guidance before making a real estate investment, you might need the services of real estate agents. Cosmos values real estate does the professional valuation and gives you advice on how to acquire, sell or construct permanent property in Switzerland.
Let’s go Switzerland!
Switzerland is the place to be. This is a country that provides its residents with a conducive atmosphere which is ideal for both living and business. Settling here is taking the first step to living in a country that offers immeasurable growth opportunities for you or your company. Spending the rest of your life in Switzerland is also having the privilege to enjoy life in picturesque cities, wake up to the breathtaking view of snow-white mountains and beautiful lakes.
Going about property acquisition can be challenging and more so to a foreigner who does not know the authorities requirements of where to even have them fulfilled. To get a heads up on what permits you need, where to get them, the properties that are on sale and so on, source the services of an accredited real estate agency like cosmos values real estate. Their agents will give you all the professional advice you need on your journey to Swiss property acquisition.
All you have to do is make the decision, then choose a team of professionals to help you with all the required advice and support.

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