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How to Sensibly Invest in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking to the Middle East for good property investment, look no further than Al Maryah Island, which is an exciting development that promises high returns for the forward thinking investor. Adjacent to the main island of Abu Dhabi, this prestigious area is designated as the next prime site for residential development in this exclusive area. This type of opportunity only comes to an established property developer who has a track record, and consistently delivers, with outstanding projects that never fail to please. For the investors, an escrow account is set up and payments are only made when the various stages have reached completion, which is another level of security to ensure your investment is safe. The developers already have more than 700 completed projects worldwide, and with their considerable experience, you can rest assured the project will come to a smooth conclusion.

Maryah Island

New and exciting projects are always becoming available, and the smart investor knows where the next popular venue will be, by simply keeping their ear to the ground. With quality hotel groups like Rosewood and Four Seasons already established, there’s no doubt that Al Maryah Island is soon to be the most talked about zone in Abu Dhabi, and with many facilities either planned or operational, there is no better place to invest in quality real estate. The island is a mere 140km from Dubai, making it very convenient, and with an air of exclusivity, Al Maryah Island is definitely the place to make your next property investment.

A Shrewd Investment

Getting in early is the key to maximising profit, and this is a golden opportunity to do just that, with developments going up at a very fast rate, and most are fully bought up before they are completed. Time is of the essence, and by checking out the incredible facilities online, you can get a head start on the competition and buy in before the prices rocket. If you look at the prices of real estate a few years ago and compare them with today, it helps you to see the benefit of making an early decision, before the expected high demand arrives, which will drive prices up. Exclusivity is the name of the game, and as time passes, these desirable units will surely increase in price, as there is a limited number available.

High End Residential Development

There is no place better than Abu Dhabi to create the ultimate residential complex, and the famous architect, Lord Richard Rogers has created his first masterpiece in the Middle East with the Maryah Plaza, a building of excellence that is one of the most exclusive residential complexes in the region. The facilities on the island ensure that everything you need in available, with stunning shopping malls and first class restaurants, making this development one of the most sought after, with a world class healthcare facility and only the best retail outlets. Maryah Plaza is the very first residential development on the island, which makes is a premier investment, and of course, there is a limited number of units available.

The Middle East’s Manhattan

This is the term often used for Al Maryah Island, with the Maryah Plaza being the jewel in the crown, where luxury living is emphasised with all the very best amenities and facilities. Residential properties range from one bedroom units to sumptuous penthouse suites with fixtures and fittings that befit the world’s premier residential zone. Abu Dhabi, like Dubai, is the place that leads in stunning architecture and innovative style, and this trend is set to continue with new developments that continue to amaze.

First Class Amenities

The fitness center allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the state of the art swimming pool is something else entirely. Maryah Plaza has everything you would expect to find in a five star residential development, plus a whole lot more.

Long Lease Options

The current real estate laws in UAE do not allow foreigners to purchase property freehold, but with a 99-year lease, which is, of course, transferrable, you can be sure of realising a healthy profit, should you ever choose to put your investment on the market at any time. The developers have set up an escrow system, which ensures each stage of the development is completed prior to the developer receiving stage payments, and with over 700 successful projects completed around the world, you are dealing with a world leader in five star residential developments.

The International Financial Center

This prestigious complex is the financial hub of Abu Dhabi and is a few minutes’ walk from Maryah Plaza, and two top class hotels, namely the Rosewood and Four Seasons, your guests will be suitably impressed. There is nothing more convenient than having a business center a short distance from your home, which allows you to always keep your finger on the pulse and with virtually no travelling, your time will not be wasted.

The Developer

The Farglory Group was founded in 1969, and this Taiwan based group has successfully completed 700 projects worldwide, making it one of the most exclusive high end property developers in the world. They have a history of project development across a range of industries, which include the following:

  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

In the 49 years the group has been in existence, they have completed more than 200 million square feet of top quality construction, and there is no better partner to expand the luxury residential developments in Abu Dhabi. There are numerous completed projects in Taipei that epitomize top quality construction, and with a reputation around the world, there is no better organisation to design and build a residential development in the Middle East.

As you probably know, the best investments are the ones that are exclusive, and as time goes by, you can expect sustainable price rises if you invest in a unit in Maryah Plaza, the top residential location in this booking part of the world.

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