Corporate Housing and Business Expansion

Corporate housing has become a great part of business expansion. Large businesses will start a new branch to their company in another state and need to somehow train all of the new management team and other important positions. The business may also simply need someone to oversee the start of the new branch to make sure the transition is smooth and everything runs properly. The corporation will then choose one or a few employees out of the original company and send them to the new branch to handle these trainings and all of the oversight. This is only a temporary move, but long enough that living out of a hotel may become difficult. Typically, the move will last months at a time. These large companies may instead decide to place the employee in temporary housing called Corporate Housing.

Corporate housing may be the executive suite of a hotel, the top floor of an apartment building, or at rare times may actually be a single family home. The space comes fully furnished with furniture, appliances, towels, bed sheets, toiletries, a fully functional kitchen etc. The majority of the time, other services are included. There is usually a cleaning service, a dry cleaning service, and maintenance services on hand. This allows for the employee for a quick and easy move and transition to the new temporary location. The business sending them does not want to waste time and money on the employee having to search for a place to stay and then also have to wait for them to move and settle in. Not to mention, those costs add up quickly, especially when moving to a new state. The corporate housing speeds up the process and everything is already there waiting. The employee can move in and get right to work in the new branch location.

This sort of temporary housing also gives large businesses other options. Sometimes the ideal employee to send for the project is not alone. The employee may have a family or even pets. As silly as it seems and so minute to think about, the employee has to consider what to do with his furry friend if he will be out of town for an extended period of time. Boarding is expensive and not fair to the anima if it will be for a long stay. Corporate housing will, most of the time, allow for animals while extended stay hotels may not. The other consideration is family. It is unlikely that an employee will want to leave his family home alone for more than just a short time. Corporate housing ranges in sizes and very often accommodate the employee’s family, as well.

Corporate housing has truly helped the expansion of businesses. They have done this by eliminating costs and shortening time frames. By shortening the transition period of the employee’s move, the businesses are saving money and are able to invest the time and energy needed for their new expansions and projects.

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