Rooftop Amenities: Unwind in unique ways

Rooftop Amenities are the new fad: their popularity has exponentially increased overnight, as now  they have gone from a simple amenity to a must have for anyone buying a house, flat or apartment. No matter what the actual property is like, even simple rooftop amenities like a pool or a playing court will attract a huge amount of customers: a fact that has proved itself true for new project in Mumbai with rooftop amenities.

Thus, for the reader’s viewing pleasure, we have compiled a thorough list of unique but affordable rooftop amenities, that even you can get installed at your house:

  • Fire Pits

This is by far one of the most romantic rooftop amenities, as quite nothing else bolsters romance like sitting beside a roaring fire on a cold windy night, or taking your kids up to the roof for a quite enjoyable bonfire and maybe even a barbecue!

This has the added advantage of being an amenity that can be used throughout the year, and never being useless, combined with the fact that most fire pits are very simple to operate: one just has to know how to light some tinder.

  • Cornhole

This game gained popularity along with the concept of rooftop amenities, as it was modified so that a cornhole court could be installed on a roof. Since then, it has become internationally famous, and people all over the world have decided to get the small but efficient cornhole court installed on their roofs.

The sport itself is very simple to play, and is designed to relieve one from their stress and pressure. This bean-bag game has been proven to be good for your health, as the fresh air and light workout one gets from playing cornhole will be relly useful in keeping rheir physique toned and slim. And almost nothing helps a parent-child relationship than a few games of cornhole together.

  • BBQ With Bars

This has become surprisingly popular in the last three years, and especially in new projects in Mumbai, as more and more people have bought small bars (complete with stools) for their roofs: these bars contain all the usual nicknacks, and are quite useful and handy when one is having a party. Acting as a bartender for your own bar has become a popular trend in parties, as an increased amount of home-owners have gained simply massive popularity in their neighbourhood by being a bartender for their own bar.

The BBQ Grill is the one item on this list that requires no justification whatsoever. The Grill is never a bad choice, because, well, who doesn’t like BBQ? This has been one of the most essential garden implements for centuries, as anybody with a lawn over the last two centuries have quite definitely invested in a grill. Since then, this has spread to being a rooftop implement, as many home-owners combine the usefulness of a rooftop grill with the simple, but effective popularity boost of the bar.

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