Three Things to Look for When Renting A Medical Office Space

Finding the perfect office space for your medical practice can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. Not just any commercial building will work for a medical facility. Medical offices should be convenient, accessible, and the location is more important for this type of office than any other. Your office space should be close to a hospital, and it should come equipped with ample parking and accessibility. Here are a few of the most important factors in finding the perfect medical space.

Location Matters

Not only do you need a location close to a hospital in case of a medical emergency, you also want space in a populated area. Your business depends on the number of people who frequent the location of your office. If you service a major metropolitan area, it doesn’t make sense to search for office space outside of the city. On the contrary, if you are a small-town doctor, it doesn’t make sense for you to choose an office location too far outside of the town center.

Size Matters

A medical space needs to be the correct size. You can find more information about finding the perfect office space at, but you should consider size one of the most important characteristics of your new space. Do you need room for multiple doctors, visits, and patient exams, or are you a single doctor in a small practice without the need for much space? You know what kind of space you need, and you cannot compromise on that if you want to accommodate your patients.

Size also matters in terms of accessibility. Buildings are required by law to be wheelchair accessible, but you want to be sure your building also has wide enough doors in every room, bathroom, and opening inside to accommodate your patients and their needs. If the space doesn’t have that type of size, you should speak to the landlord about making changes. Depending on laws where you live, it might be something the landlord is required to do.

Layout and Aesthetics

Your office’s layout should be one that’s conducive to a medical facility. Some landlords might not have a problem with you coming into their space and remodeling on your own dime, but others might not allow you to make permanent changes. If you cannot make changes to make a location work, it’s not the location for you. Be sure to ask landlords how much freedom you have in terms of redecorating and making your office space medically appropriate.

Medical office space is sometimes more complex than traditional office space. If you plan on doing outpatient procedures in your space, you’ll need to have adequate plumbing in more than one room, you’ll need appropriately sized rooms, and you’ll need a landlord willing to work with you to create the type of space you need. No two medical practices are the same, but you know what you need and how a building will work for you.

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