Top Tips for Selling Property

When you’re selling a house, being armed with the correct information about that property is key. Surprising buyers with large repairs or fees unexpectedly during the selling process can cause a deal to fall through. Thoroughly investigating your potential sale can ease tensions for both you and the buyer. Here are some tips to selling property.

Crunch the Numbers

When you’re trying to figure out how much to charge for selling the house, check out properties similar to this target property and see how they compare. Are their prices close for the same features? You want to make sure that the home is priced for what it is worth. Run a check of the property records to see what the market value is and what related costs are.

You should expect the buyer to ask about whether the property has a homeowners’ association fee and rules for the property. Some HOAs limit the colors of exterior paint, window treatments and types of lawn ornaments allowed. Buyers will also seek an inspection of the property. This will undoubtedly show any issues associated with the property you that you will either need to fix or negotiate about. And you’ll likely find it easier to deal with a buyer who already has a loan pre approval so you’ll get no surprises when moving through the contracting process.

First Looks at the House

You’ve heard of judging the book by its cover. The same can apply to a home. If the outside of the house is messy, odds are, so is the inside. Curb appeal is the first thing that may draw in buyers and keep them interested. Take a sneak peek of the exterior of the property from Google Maps to see how your home looks. But photos are likely to be more up-to-date on the real estate agent’s website for the house listing. Many buyers say that the top reasons they fell in love with a house included the outside, but also the kitchen. Don’t forget that many folks view the kitchen as one of the most important areas in the home. When trying to sell your home, this is definitely an area you want to update with newer cabinet hardware, paint and potentially stainless steel appliances. Small upgrades and maintenance like cleaned grout and newer fixtures or counters can add more value to a home and increase its overall selling price for little effort. You definitely want to be smart about upgrades so you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to selling.

Always Be Ready for Showing

If you are trying to sell your house, and are not a professional decorator, you may want to hire a home stager to help you “depersonalize” your house. This will help buyers better envision their furniture in the living room versus yours. While this may be somewhat inconvenient during the selling process, it will help buyers be able to see themselves in the space. You want to make sure you organize storage areas such as closets because potential buyers will be opening these doors to see how much space there really is to store their stuff. A description of the property online can only go so far, and buyers want to try before they buy.

This may also mean that your pets may need to have some spa days while you show your house to potential buyers. Nothing is worse than smelling dog food or a litter box during a showing. So you will want to develop a quick action cleaning plan for impromptu showings that will include concealing critters (and all their accessories) in addition to quick action tidying to make the space presentable at a moment’s notice.  Another great tip to brighten the space other than freshly painted neutral colors is to maximize the light. Clean or replace blinds, curtains and drapes and scrub the windows. The more light you can get to enter the house, the brighter and happier the space will feel thus drawing in potential homeowners.

The more you are ready to sell, the faster the process will go. A few little tricks of the trade and upgrades can sell a house faster than not doing some simple fixes.

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