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What Is a Buyer Home Inspection?

By far most home inspections are performed for the home buyer as a safeguard to identify issues with the home they are considering to purchase. The buyer finds a home they would love to live in, but want the assurance that there is nothing wrong with the house they are purchasing. Peace of mind is a by-production of the Buyer’s Home Inspection.

The Buyer’s Home Inspection alerts the purchaser of any concerns before the purchase of the house is completed. This allows buyers to be able to negotiate repairs with the seller during the option period. The buyer can make an educated decision on purchasing of the home because they are aware of existing conditions of the house. Without the home buyer Inspection, the buyer may not be aware of these issues and may purchase a home with defects that could be very expensive to correct. Houses are not cheap. It is an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The home buyer Inspection provides peace of mind that your investment is sound.

We recently performed a market survey of buyers and found that most buyer have had a bad experience with a home inspector or knew someone that has. After researching further we found that issue arising from the home inspection where a two part fault. We came to the realization that the home inspectors where not spending enough time with the customer explaining the concerns they found during the inspection. For this reason we highly recommend that buyers be present during the time of the inspection. The other issue we found is that the buyers has just glance over the inspection report and did not identify in the report what the technician has listed. We also noticed that a lot of buyers had questions regarding the report but where embarrassed to ask the home inspector to further explain.

We have come up with a list of recommendations for buyers when going through the selection of a home inspector. First call multiple inspectors. Make sure they take time to talk to you and explain what they do and offer as a company. A home inspector that just shoots you a price right away is probably not your best choice. After you have called several inspectors research the company. We recommend to verify insurance, make sure that the license is up-to-date and review customer testimonials. Once you performed these items you can make an educated decision on the inspector that will work best for you.

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