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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving Abroad

I couldn’t tell you how many times I have sworn to myself that I would do something and then either never got round to it or ‘changed my mind’ at the last minute. We’re all guilty of it, as we’re all dreamers and yet most of us are too afraid to take that initial leap of faith.

It is difficult to make such drastic decisions, particularly when it means that your life may change in a vast and dramatic way. After all, it feels infinitely safer within our comfort zones.

It’s a natural thing for us to crave adventure. We are the descendants of a nomadic race of people who would constantly be on the move, as a matter of necessity. Nowadays with our modern comforts and amenities there is no real cause to travel around, other than a desire to experience and explore new cultures.

We all talk about it; the gap years and the ideal destinations, opening up a bar on a beach and living on an island in the Southern Hemisphere – it’s something that we all love to dream and wait for, though very rarely call into action.

1: You Crave the Thrill of Adventure

Life does tend to become monotonous and can render you feeling unfulfilled if you don’t grab it by the horns and at least attempt all of the things that you desire. When you’re old and grey, approaching your final breaths, you want to look back with very little regret and remember a wealth of exciting moments that you are proud of.

If you move abroad you will be able to experience new things, create untold possibilities and share your life with people you would have never otherwise had the chance to meet.

2: Discover Who You Really Are

Travel really does broaden the mind. It sounds like a tired and over-used cliché, though until you actually find yourself immersed in an alien world, you will never truly understand what it means.

Heading overseas takes you well and truly out of your comfort zone and catapults you into an exciting world of possibility that will try and test you. Ultimately you will feel fulfilled and inspired. Moving abroad is one of the most effective ways to truly discover who you are, what you are capable of and what you really want out of this life.

3: Satisfy Your Curious Hunger

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a country where everyone else speaks a different tongue to you? Do you crave the challenge of learning a new language and experiencing the immense pleasure of telling a joke and evoking a fit of laughter amongst people you would have otherwise never been able to engage with?

You need to put yourself out there and immerse yourself in a world of unique sensations and foreign flavours. Only once you’ve left your comfort zone will you truly be able to appreciate the perspectives of others living in an entirely different world to you.

4: If Money Were No Object – Would You Still Be Living At Home?

Many people put off moving abroad because of the financial expense. The thing is, you don’t have to live in the finest accommodation straight away. Take a risk and establish yourself over time. First things first get your foot in the door and you will find that opportunities will present themselves to you from all directions.

It’s not about the money! To some people this is the most important commodity in the world, but in fact happiness is. And if moving abroad means earning a little less money, in exchange for living in an environment that you have always craved, then I’d say it’s a damn good swap.

That’s not to suggest that you’ll be earning less money. In fact, what you will probably find is that there is actually a wealth of opportunity waiting for you, which may inevitably rend you in a much better financial position than before.

5: Don’t Live In Regret

Home will always be home. This is the most important thing for you to remember. Up-rooting your life and travelling abroad doesn’t mean that you are taking a one way trip. You can always come home if things don’t work out the way you planned. Sure it may be an expensive risk to take, just in case things might not work out – but that is absolutely no reason not to go.

You will miss your family and friends, but you will make new friends along the way. Not only that you have the power of Skype and other such incredible applications that will allow you to practically be sat face to face with your loved ones whenever you choose.

It’s all worth it.

For those of your who are going to take the leap and make a move abroad, you will most likely require the services of an international relocation company.

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