10 Home Upgrades That Are Worth It

When you upgrade your home, you’re making an investment in your future.

Each one of these home updates makes your home a more enjoyable place, and they allow you to enjoy your “castle” even more. Plus, each upgrade increases the value of your home as long as you invest in good-quality material. It’s worth it in the present for your family, and it’s worth it in the future if you ever sell your home.

Check out this list of 10 home upgrades, and see which ones your family can complete before the summer is out!

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is an easy and cheap way to transform your home. A new coat on the outside has your home looking like the smartest house on the block, and a few updates inside make everything feel new and up-to-date. While your kids are on summer vacation, pile the furniture in the middle of the room, throw a sheet over it, and get painting. It’s easy to keep the windows open and fans roaring during the summer as well to get rid of the fumes and smell.

An Updated Kitchen

Why are kitchens and bathrooms the most commonly updated home rooms? It can be for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is: these rooms look outdated sooner. The living room and bedroom are just walls, a closet, and some windows, but the kitchen and bathroom are full of tiles and cupboards, both of which look “tacky” a lot sooner. They can also be poorly designed. I remodeled my kitchen after realizing I didn’t have space for all my food and drink: my husband has a cocktail hobby, and I’m a big fan of ordering online from Joe Canal’s, a liquor store Lawrenceville, NJ. When we ran out of space to keep it all, I looked up kitchen and bathroom remodeling in New Jersey and got the cupboard space I needed.

New Landscaping

When your yard is landscaped, even a little, it looks more attractive. Homebuyers see the outside first, so it helps if your bushes are making a good impression. You can hire landscapers to pull out your weeds, install new bushes, and trim your trees, or you could try tackling those projects yourself. A single afternoon can get your walkway planted with blooms, so if you’re in the mood for some gardening, update your landscaping this summer.

New Siding

New siding is a wonderful home upgrade, and if you invest in durable material, it will last until you’ve moved out and then some. Peeling or cracking siding is an immediate deterrent to home buyers, and a house that’s half-faded from the sun (but not where the tree was shading it) can look a little off-balance. New siding should be fade-proof and weather resistant.

A Deck

Decks are all the rage, and you’ll increase your home value if you add a deck behind your home. There are plenty of ways to get a deck set up behind your house: you can try a simple concrete pour, a DIY wooden deck, or an elaborate affair built by the experts. Whatever your budget calls for, you can probably find a way to build a deck within that price range. Even a simple deck can look amazing once you decorate it with furniture, some string lights, and maybe even a rug.

New Windows

New windows can make your home look more modern instantly, and they help keep your heating bills down. Ask any home improvement services team, and they’ll tell you how much new windows can save you in utilities. You can go for timeless window designs or invest in something more modern with geometric designs. If your home has a cottage look to it, you can consider getting latticed windows.

An Updated Bathroom

A classic bathroom is timeless, but if you’re stuck with 80s yellow tiles, or 90s pink flooring, then it’s time to get a bathroom update. You’ll have a harder time selling your home, if you ever do, with an out of date bathroom. Go modern or go vintage: either one works to restore a timeless quality to your space. You can have the floor redone in the tiny black-and-white tiles of the 1920s accompanied by a claw-foot tub. Or you can lean in the opposite direction, with a whirlpool tub and diffused overhead lighting from perforated tubing.

Central AC

No one likes living with a window AC unit, since whoever has one in their bedroom gets too cold at night, and everyone who doesn’t suffers. If your entire family is retreating into your room all summer long, it might be time to install central AC. Talk to a HVAC contractor about what it would cost to install central AC. If you already have central heating, it won’t be much at all. Even a complete HVAC system upgrade, with both AC and heat, is definitely worth it.

A Livable Basement

If your basement is the land of things that go bump in the night, with cement floors, dark corners, and too much damp to do anything with, you might want to consider updating it. Talk to the experts about how much it would cost to update your basement. It might be as simple as repairing some foundation issues. If you can get your basement into the habitable zone, you could set up a movie room, a workout area, or even build bedrooms and playrooms.

A Swimming Pool

If you want to make a big splash, consider installing a swimming pool in your backyard. Your kids will probably jump at the chance to own a pool, and you might enjoy a few summer swims yourself. Swimming pools are expensive, however, so make sure you’re ready for the cost of upkeep. Don’t install a pool thinking it’s going to fetch a better price for your home: it might, but only in certain areas You should install a pool for the fun of it, and for the investment in family.

Updating your home can be easy in some ways, like a fresh coat of paint and a DIY deck. It can be expensive in others, like installing a pool or new siding. Each one of these home updates should pay off in the long run, however, especially if you take note of what’s expected in your area. An upscale neighborhood is the perfect place to build a pool, and a small, family-friendly neighborhood is the perfect place to update the yard with a few flowers. So get your home looking top-notch!

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