3 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Michigan

Michigan is a fantastic state, and if you’re relocating there with your family, you’ll soon find out why people love it. You can experience all the pleasures of a big city and the gorgeous recreation of this lake region all in the same weekend, if you wish. As you pack up your moving van and head out, here are a few things you’ll want to know.

Building your home is a good idea.

If you’re into really old homes with gorgeous architecture and lots of character, you’ll find your fair share in Michigan. However, older homes often come with problems, and many homeowners prefer the peace of mind that comes with brand new home construction.

If you’re moving to the northeastern part of the state, look for a construction company in Kalamazoo, MI. With a new home, you’re in charge of the design. You can decide the layout, paint colors, siding style, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and more. It’s the best way to get the home of your dreams, and it come with greater peace of mind regarding maintenance.

As you build your home, consider the cold winters of the state, particularly in the Northern Lake Region. For a home in the north/central region of the state, find a good heating contractor in Midland, MI or Saginaw, MI. You want someone who knows what they’re doing, or you’ll soon find out how harsh Midwestern winters can be.

There’s a lot to do all over the state.

Even if you move to the rural part of the state, you don’t have to go far to find things to do. If you live on the eastern side, Detroit is a huge metropolis with all the modern shopping, restaurants, bars, and entertainment conveniences you can hope for. It’s an especially exciting city for automobile enthusiasts, because it’s home to testing facilities for self-driving vehicles. You’ll see firsthand why this metro is nicknamed “Motor City.”  

Those in the central region should visit Lansing, MI, a rapidly growing city with so much to do. Be sure to check out the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden, the Impression 5 Science Center, and the Michigan History Center with your family.

If you’re tired of big-city life, head over to the lakes that give Michigan its peninsula shape. Michigan touches Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie, and you can swim, boat, fish, water ski, and so much more on warm summer days.

You’ll need a car to get around, even in major cities.

If you’re coming from a big city, you might have lived for years without your own vehicle. Buses, trains, subways, bicycles, and your own two feet have taken you wherever you needed to go in these walkable cities. However, things are a lot more spread out in Michigan.

Like many Midwestern states, Michigan is made up primarily of rural locations. If you move to one of these destinations, public transportation will be scarce, and you’ll need a car to get you around within your town as well as to larger cities for more shopping and necessities.

Michigan isn’t completely made up of rural living. Detroit is the 18th largest city in the nation, but despite its towering skyscrapers and dense city population, it’s not considered a very walkable city. Although public transportation is available, the city is widely spread out, which is typical of most cities in the state.

Don’t worry about finding a car once you get there. Michigan is considered the birthplace of automobiles, and you’ll easily find a vehicle for your needs. Look for a car dealership in Dearborn, MI, a suburb of Detroit, for a great deal on a car you’ll love.

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