How to Plan a Move with Boston Moving Companies?

Planning a move is a long process that takes a bit of effort to make. It’s never been easier to find a company that will do the job but if you like to have everything organized then you need to make a plan and stick to it. It will save you time and money and with a bit of research, you will learn new tricks you can apply for moves in the future.

If you don’t know where to find an agency for this job, look for the closest or ask a friend or neighbor for information. When doing research Marathon Moving or any other company, check for free quotes and reviews on websites that rate companies. Once you have enough information about a firm you will hire, you can prepare everything for the move.The plan will include the time you have, budget, selling items, disposing of things you don’t need, doing repairs and packing.

Time and Budget

The two most important factors are your budget and time you have until moving to another location. An optimal time to have is one month so you can plan everything out. Depending on the budget you can hire a better company that will assure your load travels safely. It can be really expensive if the mileage and load are big so you might start getting quotes once you think about moving so you can save money on time.

Remember that you will need to have some savings to buy new items for the house you are going to and for documentation that needs to be replaced because of the new location. There are a lot of expenses people forget about and they struggle a few months because of them. This can be avoided with proper planning. The expenses may also include professional care for your pets.


When it comes to moving to your new home, you might get in trouble with timing and end up in a hotel because the move happened earlier as planned. Make sure that your new place is paid for a week before you get there so you can have enough time to turn on the electricity, heating and other stuff that are important at the beginning. If everything is already set up and you can go in whenever you like, then you can demand an overnight move which is more expensive but it is much faster.

Yard Sale

If you live in a house, you can make a yard sale for the stuff you don’t need but can be sold. This should be done at least a week before moving out so you can have enough time to sort other items and pack them. If you live in an apartment then you can try to sell items online which can pay off the travel costs. When you are selling things online, do it at least three weeks before moving.

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The less stuff you have to bring the better so make sure you throw away everything that can’t be sold and won’t be useful for you. You might have many items that have sentimental value but try to keep a minimum of basic belongings. It is proven that you will feel better when you get new things for a new home so if you have a big budget you won’t need half of the stuff you own.

Packing Tips

Make sure you get boxes with different sizes because it is easier to carry heavier items in smaller boxes. You can find them specially made for this occasion that stronger than usual. You will also need a marker, bubble wrap and duct tape. Every box should be named after the room where it goes and you can place a name if you are moving with the whole family.Click here to read more.

Larger items should be carefully wrapped so they won’t get damaged. All important belonging should be carried with you. A great tip is to take pictures of the most expensive items so you can compare it afterward and check if there is any damage. Place a number on each box so you won’t get any of them lost during the process. And the last thing is to make sure every tip is done before the movers arrive.

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