Building an Energy-Efficient Conservatory

A conservatory is a room in your house that is made mostly of windows. The benefits of a conservatory are varied. It gives you somewhere that you spend your time and enjoy the sunshine without having to feel the heat during the summer. During the winter, you can keep the room warm while still enjoying the sunlight. Obviously, it can be cold and sunny at the same time; therefore, if you want to comfortably enjoy sunlight during the winter, you need a conservatory. However, the biggest point of contention with a conservatory is going to be the amount of heat that transfers through the windows. Windows act as thermal bridges that allow heat to pass through in both directions. During the summer, sunlight and heat from outside can warm up the inside. During the winter, your windows might fail to trap your indoor heat. The best way to avoid this issue is with an energy-efficient conservatory.

Double-Glazed Conservatory

SRJ Windows is a reliable winder retailer. They offer many different kinds of windows in many different forms. Some of their most popular windows are those that are used to build a conservatory. The conservatory will need either very large windows or many small windows since the majority of the walls and roof are going to be made of windows. Therefore, the ones you choose are of the utmost importance. The best way to keep your conservatory a comfortable temperature is with some careful planning.

Double-glazed windows are windows that are made with two panes of glass. By having two panes of glass, they will be protected against heat transfer. Heat transfers through windows by energising the window glass that then transfers the heat. If there are two panes of glass with a cushion of air between them, less heat can pass through the windows.

Sliding Sash or Casement

If you want your conservatory windows to open, you will have a couple of distinct options. The two most popular options are sliding sash windows and casement windows. A casement window is attached by two or more hinges at the side of the window. The window can then swing open inwards or outwards. Outward swinging windows tend to be slightly more popular, but that’s not always the best option. You could also choose sliding sash windows. These are windows that open by sliding side-to-side instead of swinging.

A sliding sash window is generally considered a more classic look; casement windows are considered more modern. If you want your conservatory to be timeless and classic, you might choose sliding sash windows. If you want it to be modern and up-to-date, you could choose casement windows. The different kinds of windows can be mixed and matched as well.

Some people choose to have casement windows and sliding sash windows in the same conservatory. For example, you might want a sliding glass window or a sliding glass door from the conservatory to the rest of the house. You might want a casement window if you have a limited amount of space in your conservatory.

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