5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to South Carolina

South Carolina – the Palmetto state. Famous for its beautiful beaches and rich cultural history. If you are planning to make this great state your new home, there are a few things you should know before your big move. South Carolinians take pride in their tourism industry and their flair for southern hospitality. They enjoy a broad range of landscapes and a mild climate throughout the year. The cost of living is low in South Carolina, so you can own the home of your dreams for half the price of a property in a more pricey state. There are plenty of great companies based around the state as well as great universities. And the population continues to diversify, so you are guaranteed to find some like-minded people who can become your tribe in a new city. Overall, you’ve picked a great place to make your next home. Enjoy getting to know some of the fabulous things you have to look forward to in South Carolina.

Southern Hospitality, Tourism, and Festivals

Tourism in South Carolina centers around different festivals— particularly in the city of Charleston. Travel + Leisure voted Charleston the number one place to visit in the country. As one of the 13 original colonies, South Carolina holds a lot of US history, especially considering some of the first shots of the Civil War were fired in Charleston. Upon moving to the state, know that the tourism industry is worth billions.

This rich history is also based in the tradition of Southern hospitality. Upon your arrival, you can easily find help from a Charleston moving company, who will get you all set up in your new home. You also will have opportunities to get to know your neighbors through local barbeques that South Carolinians rave about, mustard barbeque sauce included. Music festivals, rodeos, arts & craft fairs, and fabulous golfing are some of the great events you have to look forward to in your new home. This eclectic group of activities brings a special charm and excitement to South Carolina as a whole.

Climate and Landscape

Another thing to note when moving to a new place is what sort of weather you should expect. A state like South Carolina has many different factors determining its climate. With the ocean on one side and the Appalachian mountains on the other, you’re sure to encounter some different cold fronts. Average temperatures throughout the year range from the 30s in the winter to cozy 70s in the summer. Lucky you!

With the vast array of landscapes in the area, you’re sure to make all your family members happy. There are four distinct areas of South Carolina for you to choose from. Furthest east, you have the sea islands and the Atlantic coastal plains. This area can range from beautiful beaches to more muggy swampland. And the others are the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains. Beyond the beautiful beaches and mountain ranges there are plenty of rivers and national parks to visit in South Carolina, just beware of the native alligators. And if all these natural wonders aren’t enough for you, the state is also known for its fabulous golf courses.

Home Building Needs

When an area ranges so widely in geography, you may consider the different needs of owning a home in a state like South Carolina. For example, you may be dealing with an area that may see some alligators roaming around or a basement may not be possible if you are building on old swamp land. There are excellent companies around the state to help you build or renovate your home in any rural or urban area. Palmetto Carpet and Floor Coverings will make sure the flooring and foundation of your home are sturdy and secure. If you’re moving into an existing home, don’t skimp on having your home reviewed by a contractor. You want to make sure you have a great place where you can start your new life.

Another great perk of moving to the great state of South Carolina is the affordable cost of living. While a lot of rent and housing costs are pretty average within the United States, South Carolina boasts one of the lowest property taxes in the country as well as low rent prices for those looking for multiple bedrooms. Be sure to take advantage of your perks as a citizen, and also the tourism industry. Many residents of this state do bring in some extra funds by providing housing for visitors from out of town.

How To Find a Great Job

If you are moving to this great state for work, then finding a great job in your new home is already taken care of for you. However, if you are choosing to move to South Carolina for any of the multitudes of other reasons, finding employment and an income may be a top priority for you. Even though the state is known for tourism, there are plenty of hard-hitting jobs in the area. In fact, South Carolina boasts being home to many important and influential industries. Aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, and technology all have fabulous and talented workers aiding these fields. Because of their high caliber, you’ll have to be completely qualified to start your job search. Having studied at accredited online degree programs or in a skilled trade school will certainly help you look desirable for your new employers. With determination, intelligence, and luck, you’ll find a great job where you will fit in in no time.

Establishing Your People

As with moving anywhere, the key to making your new location feel like home is finding the right people to surround yourself with. This may mean something as simple as establishing your new gym or finding your favorite local coffee shop. Or you may be looking for a new eye doctor in Summerville or a dentist in Charleston. The state is very big on neighborhoods, and without a ton of big cities, everywhere seems to have a small town feel. Jump right in and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are your new neighbors or coworkers will have suggestions for you on where to shop, what mechanic will be best for your car, and what school systems have the best reputations.

Beyond the basics of building your living, remember your excitement about making a new life. There are so many new adventures and exciting places to visit throughout the state. There are great excursions to go on with a new group of friends. Grab a drink with your coworkers after work, knock on doors to meet your new neighbors, or join a class to get you involved in the community. Transitioning to a new place is hard in a number of ways logistically, but transitioning into a new community may be one of the trickiest parts of finding a new home. Be brave and be adventurous. Good fortune is sure to come your way.

The great state of South Carolina has open arms welcoming you. The mild climates, welcoming citizens, and Southern hospitality will make you feel at home right from the start. Welcome to your new home! We know you’ll love it here.

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