Plan Ahead for Your Move and Save Money

Whether you are moving to another state across the country or an hour away moving can be a daunting task. However, if you plan your move out ahead of time you can get everything done in a timely fashion and save money along the way.

Create a List

The first order of business is to create a list that contains everything you need to do on both ends. This will include things like finding a moving company, packing, notifying the utility, water and cable companies of an end date and a start date, and changing your address with the post office. Once you have a complete list compiled it’s time to start from the top and work your way down the list.

Selecting a Moving Company

The sooner you book a moving company the better your chances are for getting the date you need. About 8 weeks ahead of time start calling around and acquire written estimates. Once you have the estimates in hand of several companies like North American Van Lines, do a bit of research on them to see which one has the best reputation for service. After all, it is your stuff they will be hauling. Additionally, plan your move, if possible, during the off-season and for a date in the middle of the week, as this will cost less do to the lower volume.


Before you pack your first box it’s important to purge and donate or get rid of anything you really don’t want. There are many reasons to do this. First, it reduces the amount of packing you’ll need to do saving you valuable time and energy. Second, the less you bring the less room you’ll occupy in the moving truck and thus reduce the cost of the move. If you haven’t moved for quite some time you may have many things that you don’t really want stored away in your basement, garage, and attic. The items that are in good shape you can either pass along to family and friends or have a garage sale. The extra money you make you can put towards your moving expenses.


Now that you removed all the things you don’t want, it’s time to pack up the rest of your things. Before running out to UPS or your local retail store for boxes, check with a nearby liquor store or your local supermarket to see if you can take some boxes. In most cases, they will be happy to unload them and now you have all the boxes you need for free. A great way to make moving into your new location easier is to clearly identify the contents of each box and the room it goes in. Luckily, this part is quite easy. Simply purchase colored labels and a black permanent marker. Then use a different color label for each room. This will eliminate the stress of not knowing where to put the boxes when the moving truck arrives.

Pack a Separate Bag

Generally, you will arrive at your new home a couple of days before the moving company and need to stay at a nearby hotel. This is why it’s essential to have a few things on hand, like a few days’ worth of clothing, soaps, shampoos and your personal belongings.

Getting Your New Home in Order

You should also have an assortment of cleaning supplies so that while the house is empty you can spend a few days getting the walls, countertops and floors all cleaned up and your house smelling refreshed. If you want to change light fixtures or put on a fresh coat of paint, now’s a perfect time.

Whether you are downsizing or entering into your first home, moving can become stressful. However, if you compile a list and check items off as you go, you’ll find that before you know it the move is over and you survived without a hitch.

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